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Strategic Planning

Guiding Principles

Strategic planning is an ongoing process that will inform and be informed by our institutional research.  Strategic planning will guide our decisions, our organizational structure and behavior, our new initiatives, and our resource allocations.

Strategic planning is an inclusive and transparent process that will involve the collaboration of trustees, faculty, and administrative staff of the college, while also seeking input at appropriate junctures from students, staff, alumni, parents, and our neighbors in Winter Park.

The strategic planning process will begin with a process to rearticulate and reaffirm our mission, our core purpose or reason for being.  Once in focus, our mission will be the groundwork of our planning, the point of reference in all deliberations over what to do differently to move Rollins from where we are now towards our goals and aspirations.

While being mission-driven we will also be market-savvy, mindful of our collective fiduciary responsibility to steward the viability of Rollins as an enterprise with a long legacy and future that is fraught with risk and rich with opportunity.