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Strategic Planning

Planning Phases

July 1, 2019, Update
Phase Description

1. Reaffirmation of the Mission of Rollins College

What is the core purpose of Rollins College?  What is our reason for being?  What are our core beliefs and values, those commitments that define and distinguish Rollins?  What are the qualities of mind, heart, and habit that distinguish a Rollins graduate?

2. Mission Alignment Reports, SWOT Analyses, Early Research Analytics, and External Environmental Scan

What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within each department or division of Rollins and for the college as a whole?

3. Discernment of Strategic Questions and Appointment of Task Forces

What are our aspirations for Rollins?  What is our shared vision of Rollins?  What measures or evidence would give us insight into the extent to which we are achieving our mission with integrity?  What would be the key indicators to track to give us insight into the strength and vitality of our market position?

4. Task Forces Report, Recommendations Reviewed, and Strategic Priorities Identified

What are we going to do differently to move Rollins from where we are to where we aspire to be? 

5. Strategic Priorities Aligned with Resources

Among all of the good ideas for strategic initiatives, which are the most promising and feasible?  How will we generate or reallocate resources to implement the most promising strategic initiatives?

6. Implementation
and Assessment

For each strategic initiative undertaken we will have a set of intended objectives, points of reference that will enable us to assess the extent to which the initiative is being successfully implemented and is achieving its intended purposes.

7. Ongoing Strategic Planning as an Organizational Mindset

In 2020, return to Phase 2 and cycle through the process again.