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Social Innovation

Community Engagement and Experiential Learning

Engaging with our community and applying our learning in applied contexts are at the heart of the Social Innovation Major. Students must complete at least one CE-designated course in addition to their participation in at least three activities, selected from a range of approved options that involve applied and immersive learning with communities external to Rollins.

Options include:

Participation in one of the following field study or summer programs:

· CHM        WaSH in the Dominican Republic

· EDU         Rural Education in Rwanda

· ENV         Environment and Development in Central America

· ENV         Exploring the Everglades

· ENV         Portland Oregon Field Study

· INB          Live, Learn, Labor: Latin America

· POL          Social Entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic

· POL          Health and Human Rights in South Africa

· POL          Community Development in Tanzania

· REL          India & the Infinite

· REL          Jerusalem

Participation in any SIT study abroad program

Participation in any Rollins Immersion program

Participation in a SI-related competition (e.g., Ideas for Good challenge)

Participation in the Sullivan Foundation or Ashoka U Exchange conference

Participation in Leadership Ally program (working on an SI-related project)

Completion of a SI-related internship (interdisciplinary designation)

Participation in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Research program (SI-related project)

Completion of an Edyth Bush Institute certificate program