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Social Impact Hub

Academic Engagement

Combining academia and passion for social change, the Department of Business and Social Entrepreneurship prepares students for responsible leadership.
Students combine innovative problem-solving techniques and dynamic teamwork at the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL).

Incubate Ideas

Students combine innovative problem-solving techniques and dynamic teamwork at the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL).

Getting a Major

The social entrepreneurship major at Rollins combines practical business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and understanding of current economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues. The program positions graduates to find—or create—careers that apply innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

To learn more check out the Major/Minor Map and Course Catalogue


Impact Courses

Interested in Social Entrepreneurship but don't want to major in it? Substitute elective courses with one of these designated Impact Courses. 

Critical Media & Cultural Studies
rFLA:IMW150 Solidarity, Equality & Community
CMC250C-1X Special Topics in CMC: Global Peace Film Festival 

EDU 280 Diversity in American Education
EDU 100C2 Identity, School and Culture

ENG209 Intro to Professional Writing

HIS United States Since 1945

HON 201 H1 Sacred Food and Social Justice

IMW 150C 3 Identity, School & Culture

ICE general education
ICE 150 Starting a Tech Company
ICE 150 Engines of Economic Change
ICE 200 Business Organizations and Sustainability (People, Planet, and Profit)
ICE 300 Creating the Future

Philosophy & Religion
RCC 100 Food, Poverty, Social Justice: A study of lived "religion" through communal outreach
RCC-CE  Philosophy for Kids

rFLA: MM 150S 1 Science of Super Heroes

Political Science
POL 332 International Human Rights

PSY 328 Child Development Center

100 18 Inequalities by the Numbers
100 31 Re-envisioning the Community

Social Entrepreneurship
SEB 200 Leading Change
SEB 220 Global Development Challenges and Opportunities
SEB 320 Strategies for Changemakers or 331 Communication and Social Change

Sexuality, Women's & Gender Studies (SWAG)   
SWAG 205 Intro to Sexuality, Women and Gender Studies

*Courses are subject to change each semester, please check with appropriate departments for available courses

International Programs
The Office of International Programs oversees and coordinates all off-campus international programs and all domestic off-campus, credit-bearing programs for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Holt. This includes approved semester programs, faculty-led summer programs, and faculty-led short-term field studies during the winter, spring, and summer breaks. Learn more about opportunities here.