Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

Ideas for Good

Pitch competition for ideas with a social or environmental impact.

Innovative solutions to social challenges

At least three ideas will receive seed funding

Soil Cura team wins seed funding for their start-up

In the 2018 Rollins Ideas for Good competition, three teams received seed funding up to $1800 each to pursue their ideas.

Ideas for Good

The Rollins Ideas for Good Challenge is a competition encouraging students to submit innovative solutions to social challenges of their own choosing and pitch their ideas to win a prize in the form of seed funding, at least three ideas are selected.

The competition welcomes ideas from all stages of the planning process, from a brand new idea to one already in action.

Opportunities are offered throughout the process to receive mentorship from faculty and community members, and to present for a judge panel consisting of influential community leaders.


2018-2019 Application will be posted here soon.

Some changes are made to the application each year, but the general question will remain similar to the sample application below:

Please provide responses to the questions below in order for the committee to assess your eligibility to compete in the Ideas for Good Challenge.

Responses should not exceed 100 words per question.

  1. Please describe the social issue/problem that your idea addresses.
  2. What is your big idea/solution? Is it different from other ideas already being used to address the same social issue? If so, how?
  3. What resources do you need/ what will it take in order to make your idea a reality?
  4. Is this an individual project or a team project? Please list team members/partners.
  5. Where are you currently at in the planning process? Please check/circle one 
    1. This is a brand new idea
    2. Early planning phase
    3. Mature planning phase
    4. I have already started/in action


More information coming soon.