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Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

Get Engaged: Faculty

Learn more about training opportunities as well as social innovation research and resources.

Training Opportunities

AshokaU Exchange

  • Brings over 650 university faculty, administration, staff, and students together at the world's largest conference on social innovation and education
  • Gain new resources for social entrepreneurial teaching and training
  • Share lesson plans and changemaker models on social innovation
  • Network, collaborate, and form partnerships with peers 
  • 3-day conference sponsored by AshokaU

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AshokaU Commons

  • AshokaU's newest offering
  • Cohorts of institutions work together on specific building blocks of social innovation education

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Annual Conference of Social Entrepreneurship

  • An academic conference dedicated to social entrepreneurship and the impact on global communities
  • Discuss, exchange, and share social entrepreneurship research
  • 3-day conference sponsored by NYU Stern School of Business and Northeastern D'Amore-McKim School of Business

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Sullivan Foundation Service & Social Entrepreneurship Program Retreat Weekend

  • Immersion-based approach to exploring service and social entrepreneurship in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Weekend retreat sponsored by the Sullivan Foundation

Social Innovation Research

One way to engage faculty is through sharing research activities and interests. To enable this, The Hub created this online social innovation space to share and discuss research on changemaking topics. Through this portal, you can find names of faculty members doing similar research, share and view existing faculty manuscripts, and find new sources for research. Be an agent of change and submit your research now!

Research Opportunities

8th International Social Innovation Research Conference

ISIRC, hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University, is the world’s leading interdisciplinary social innovation research conference. The conference gathers scholars from across the globe to discuss social innovation from a variety of perspectives. Learn more and submit your abstract here.

Faculty Research

Sarah Easter & Mary Conway Dato-on
Bridging Ties Across Contexts to Scale Social Value: The Case of a Vietnamese Social Enterprise
Journal of Social Entrepreneurship 
Volume 6, 2015 - Issue 3 

Michelle Stecker & Tonia Warnecke
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Engage Magazine
A New Kind of Entrepreneur
Issue 4, 2015 

Mary Conway Dato-on
Social Entrepreneurship Education
The Global Links Program: Building Pedagogy in Social Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact in Iraq 
March 2011 

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