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Ashoka U Changemaker Campus

On September 6, 2012, Rollins College joined the prestigious AshokaU Changemaker Campus network. This designation places Rollins among only 36 colleges internationally (and the first in Florida) to receive this recognition for their leadership and commitment to building the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. On September 19, 2016, Rollins College was officially renewed as an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus.


Rollins fosters the development of global citizenship through community engagement by bringing community partners to campus through the Thomas P. Johnson Foundation.


When students engage in experimental learning they unlock their full potential.

Think BIg

Students takle big problems in our global community by working together to create change.

What makes Rollins a Changemaker Campus?

Rollins College provides a personalized, hands-on education that inspires students to tackle big challenges facing our global community. Driven by education excellence, innovation, and community building, Rollins is committed to the pursuit of creative possibilities, where liberal arts and business education coalesce to approach the world through a lens of critical liberal competencies with key pragmatic tools. Rollins carries an esteemed tradition for experiential learning with nationally renowned community-based curriculum, research, and engagement. Over 70 percent of faculty members have community engagement linked to their pedagogy. At the nexus of innovative academic work, strong philanthropic ties, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem, social innovation has become a campus-wide priority for Rollins.

Through partnerships with other Changemaker Campuses and a deep relationship with AshokaU, The Hub has access to innovative conferences, internships, organization leaders, and over 3,000 Ashoka fellows worldwide. Unparalleled partnerships include the U.S. Department of Education, Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation, NAFSA, Cordes Foundation, Campus Compact, Aspen Institute, Ford Foundation, and many more. 

For Rollins faculty, the AshokaU network links like-minded professors who share course information, best practices, and opportunities to attend faculty summits and webinars to develop expertise.

In June 2015, Rollins began the renewal process of its Changemaker Campus status. The process was driven by the introduction of new initiatives, expansion of successful existing programs such as Global Links, and the increasingly popular social entrepreneurship major. In September 2016, Rollins College presented the Rollins Changemaker Campus Renewal Action Plan to a panel in Washington, D.C., and officially received the renewal as an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus.  

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