Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub is a creative space on campus where we provide tools/resources to support addressing local and global social issues. This is done through hands on learning and purposeful dialogue based on human centered design thinking methodology.


The Hub provides students the opportunity to create social change through immersion and hands-on learning.

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The Hub provides students the opportunity to create social change through immersion and hands-on learning.

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What is The Hub?

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub is a way of thinking. It's about approaching societal inequities and environmental challenges with innovation to develop creative and sustainable solutions. Whether we are passionate about bringing societal change to the environment, poverty, education, immigration, healthcare, human rights, or any large-scale challenge, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub believes true solutions must begin with a deep understanding of the issue.

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub provides a space for students and faculty to gather and innovate for social change. To learn more about the services and opportunities we provide visit Get Engaged: Students or Get Engaged: Faculty.

Mission & Core Values


The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub helps foster global citizens and responsible leaders by educating, equipping, and empowering competent changemakers who are committed to building a better world. The Hub's focus is to catalyze the growth and integration of social entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability throughout Rollins College to best prepare graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers. 

Core Values

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub is committed to equipping passionate and capable members of the Rollins community to be effective agents of change in the world. Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub is a collaborative movement rooted in holistic liberal education and focused on applied real-world problem solving. The following five key values are foundational drivers to our work:

  1. Awareness of complex social changes
  2. Cultivation of empathy
  3. Understanding of system-level innovation
  4. Development of solution-oriented problem solving skill sets
  5. Exposure to cultural diversity

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

If social innovation is the process of finding new and creative ways to solve the world's most pressing problems, then social entrepreneurship is the product that brings those ideas into action. Social entrepreneurship applies entrepreneurial principles to solve difficult social and environmental challenges. It focuses on both creative solutions and long-term, sustainable change.

It is a social entrepreneur's belief that many of the world's problems can be changed through sustainable practices resulting in positive returns for society. Social entrepreneurship is most often associated with the nonprofit sector, but social entrepreneurs come from all walks of life as business professionals, educators, government officials, artists, poets, and students.