Sexuality, Women’s, and Gender Studies


What can you do with a minor in SWAG? Our alumni are making a difference in a wide variety of career fields.

Sarah Spurling

Sarah Spurling

The English major and women's studies minor (pictured here at Rollins with author and feminist Shelia Tobias) is a PhD student in American Studies, minoring in Global Gender Studies, and working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Transnational Studies at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Sarah Spurling

Sarah graduated from the Hamilton Holt school in 2012 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Women’s Studies. After graduating, she spent a year in service with AmeriCorps at the Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka, FL, where she developed a passion for immigrants’ and workers' rights, especially regarding the ways in which they intersect with the female experience. Currently, Sarah is a PhD student in American Studies, minoring in Global Gender Studies, and working as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Transnational Studies at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Her current research interests include: food studies; critical animal studies; the history of reproductive health, especially indigenous and folk perspectives; and the influence of Native American thought on U.S. social justice movements, such as first wave feminism.

Kristen Stone

I work as a domestic violence advocate leading support groups and violence prevention classes for children and teens in the Gainesville community. Our curriculum focuses on identifying abuse, building skills for healthy relationships, and understanding the impact of gender stereotypes, media, and oppression on relationships. I'm also a writer and explore issues of socialization, trauma, and gender in my poems and essays. My first book, Domestication Handbook, was published in 2012 by Rogue Factorial, a small experimental press. I run a small chapbook press, Unthinkable Creatures, focusing on cross-genre work, mainly by women and queer writers. Currently, I'm also working on a master's degree in social work at FSU, so that I can eventually work as a counselor. At Rollins, I learned about how to combine theory and activism for social change (for instance, with anti-rape activism and V-Day), which was an excellent foundation for the work that I do today.

Nikki Inclan

I was a psychology major with a concentration in Women’s Studies (now SWAG!), a work-study student assistant for both the Office of Multicultural Affairs and The Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies, and a co-president of Voices for Women for two and a half years. I’m now the coordinator for The Lucy Cross Center and am enrolled in the Master’s in Mental Health Counseling program at Rollins. I learned the importance of intersectionality and social justice advocacy through the Women’s Studies program and I met amazing mentors and peers who taught me about different perspectives, experiences, and ways to create change in the world. I’m excited to incorporate all of that into my career as a mental health professional!

Mitch Verboncoeur

Mitch graduated from Rollins College in 2014 with bachelor's degrees in physics, philosophy, and a minor in sexuality, women's, and gender studies. He is currently a student at Yale Law School. Mitch believes his minor will afford him insight into the ways law and policy can affect different people differently.

Francesca Mastrangelo

After graduating from Rollins, Frankie went on to work for national organizations such as The Center for Women Policy Studies, Greenpeace, and The American Association of People with Disabilities. Her writing has appeared in The Feminist Wire, BitchMedia, Make/shift magazine, and on Wisconsin Public Radio. She is the founder of the Midwest Feminist Collective, a group which seeks to build solidarity among feminist-identified people as well as engage in public discourse through creative direct action. This fall, Frankie begins the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Media, Cinema and Digital Studies graduate program, where she plans to focus her research on feminist media studies and cultural/digital commodification.