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Service Excellence

Acknowledge a Rollins Employee

Want to acknowledge someone for excellent service? Send them a WOW Recognition. Just fill out the form below, and they'll receive your message with a WOW from Tommy Tar!

How to WOW

The WOW recognition is one of the best ways to recognize staff members who are exhibiting our Service Excellence standards: responsive, respectful, collaborative, competent, and inclusive. Simply put, we all should be paying attention to the good stuff and calling it out. By celebrating and calling attention to examples of service excellence, we are helping to grow the impact of this level of service. By using effective and meaningful praise within the “WOW” recognition card, we are directly tying the Service Excellence standards to the positive impact and results for our students. Here are some tips to provide the most effective “WOWs”:

  • Make sure to give it close to the event or act to ensure its timeliness
  • Be as specific as possible describing why you are recognizing the staff member
  • Your description should detail the impact the service had on others, and where possible, tie directly to the impact on students and student experience

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