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Fall 2016 News

Department Spotlight

Residential Life & Explorations
The Office of Residential Life & Explorations (RLE) was created from two separate offices in the summer of 2015, bringing together a team of more than 150 people dedicated to providing a high level of care and support to on-campus residents as well as incoming first-year and transfer students. This spring, the RLE team was recognized for that dedication with the 2016 Service Excellence Departmental Award.

Q: What are your office’s primary areas of focus and responsibilities?
A: We focus on four primary areas: on-campus housing (we have 19 halls with 1,300 beds); orientation experiences for incoming College of Liberal Arts students; first-year and transfer student transition support and outreach; and peer education programs. All staff members in our office—from student workers to the senior director—are relationship builders, leaders, and educators.

Q: How does your office add value to Rollins and its mission?
A: The on-campus living experience can be very educational and transformational. Students learn about global citizenship and responsible leadership in very practical ways by living with their peers. If you think about value monetarily, we contribute $10.5 million annually to the College’s operating budget through oncampus housing fees. Through our orientation programs, we create a high-quality first impression for parents and students, allowing them to learn about Rollins and its mission from their very first day on campus.

Q: Is there any aspect of your office’s role that might surprise the campus community?
A: One thing that might be surprising is that departments and organizations can reserve our equipment at no charge. Want popcorn at your next event? Let us know! We will provide the machine and all of the supplies.

Q: What’s the best part of the job?
A: There are so many amazing parts to what we get to do on a daily basis. We get to watch students grow and develop throughout their time at Rollins. We work with a wonderful group of student leaders, and due to the nature of our work, we develop close, personal relationships. We are able to collaborate across campus with so many offices to make great things happen in our on-campus housing, during orientation, and throughout the RCC experience.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of the job?
A: Intervening with students engaged in high-risk behaviors that impact their safety and the safety of others. Additionally, it can be challenging to balance customer service and student learning. Sometimes, due to policies or procedures, we have to give answers that a student doesn’t necessarily want to hear. We are always intentional in explaining the “why” behind all of our answers.

Q: What does Service Excellence mean to you and how does your staff embody Rollins’ service standards?
A: Even before the service standards were adopted, RLE practiced the “plus one” philosophy. This means that we strive to do our best—giving everyone we work with the time, energy, and effort that we would want in return—and then following up by going one step further to provide excellent service.

Q: Any surprising or funny anecdotes?
A: All of our professional staff members have degrees from Rollins. We are not only proud staff members, but we are also proud alumni. Fun fact: We refer to each of our halls by the last name of its namesake, except one. Can you think of which hall that is?

Read to Lead

This spring, Service Excellence partnered with the Rollins Leadership Academy to offer a pilot Leadership Mastermind Alliance program for employees.
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3 Expert Service Secrets

We tapped Rollins’ resident service expert for three secrets from the hospitality industry you can use to make the most of each on-campus interaction.
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Above and Beyond

This fall, the Winter Park Institute (WPI) sold more than 2,500 tickets to An Evening with Garrison Keillor. The event was a resounding success and wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of Chelsea Hilend, marketing and box office manager at the Annie Russell Theatre.
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Spring 2016 News

Department Spotlight

Olin Library
Whether they need a book, a bike, or just a quiet place to study, Rollins students know they’ll always find what they’re looking for at Olin Library. We sat down with Library Director Jonathan Miller to find out more about Olin’s wide range of services and why the library’s staff is its ultimate resource.

Q: What are the library’s primary areas of focus and responsibilities?
A: The library is focused on collecting, organizing, describing, preserving, and making accessible the information resources that students need to succeed at Rollins. A big part of our responsibility is to partner with faculty to teach students to become more information literate. The library also includes the Tutoring & Writing Center, which is a free service designed to help all students in any major with course material and papers.

Q: How does the library add value to Rollins and its mission?
A: These days, we are all awash in a sea of information of varying quality and provenance. Imagine a school with no library where students are told to find and pay for information online. It would get expensive quickly if they had to pay $30 for every article, buy every book on, and travel to other libraries to use specialized materials. If students could not turn to a librarian for research help, faculty would see enormous variation in the quality of their research.

Q: What library services are available to the campus community?
A: We are a full-service library. From something as simple as a comfortable, quiet, safe, and clean place to study to in-depth consultation with a trained professional librarian, we seek to offer all the information services and resources students need to pursue their education.

Q: What’s the best part of the job?
A: That moment when you connect a student to the exact information resource they need.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of the job?
A: Connecting a student to the exact information resource they need.

Q: Any mysterious facts about the library?
A: All the tiles on the outside of the building are carefully arranged in a rigorously symmetrical pattern except one. Can you find it?

Q: Do any of your services come as welcomed surprises to library users?
A: We can lend you a bike or just the right wire to connect your device to power. We can educate you on the history of Rollins. Faculty members enjoy the Your Librarian program, where a librarian is paired with one or more departments to help faculty and students with their information needs. And, did you know we have begun archiving Rollins’ web presence and social media?

Q: What does Service Excellence mean to you and how does the library staff embody Rollins’ service standards?
A: Responsive, respectful, collaborative, competent—I am constantly impressed with how the library staff lives those standards and provides excellent service every day. Whether it is Maggie working with a student client in the Tutoring & Writing Center; Cathleen staffing the checkout and reserves desk until midnight; Amanda accurately processing a book order in a timely manner for a faculty member; Darla helping an alumnus research their days at Rollins; or Emma consulting with a biology student on her collaborative research project, the entire staff provides excellent and consistent service to all our users.

5 Takeaways From Leadership Academy

Rollins offers a 12-week in-house leadership program to employees who want to improve awareness, thrive during times of change, and learn how to influence people. Five program graduates share their top reasons you should apply.
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Above & Beyond

During his three and a half years at the Hamilton Holt School, Bob McKinlay has authored grants to help fund the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning, the Rollins Center for Health Innovation, and the CATCH Healthy Habits Program among others. This impressive list of accomplishments is just one of the reasons that eight of Bob’s colleagues presented him with WOWs this March. Take a look at what some of his colleagues had to say about Holt’s Director of Grants & Contracts.
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Service Excellence Awards Explained

Did you know there are several ways to recognize your colleagues for meeting and exceeding Rollins’ Service Excellence standards? Here’s a primer on how you can help highlight the dedication of your co-workers.
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News Archive

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