Scheduling & Event Services


Policies & Guidelines

Banner Policy 

College departments and organizations may hang banners that follow the policy. Learn More

Bush Atrium Usage Policy

The Bush Atrium can be reserved during limited times. Learn More

Event Categories

Events fall into one of the four event categories. Learn More

Facilities & Resources Usage Policies

All events must be scheduled through the Scheduling and Event Services office using EMS. Learn More

Rooms Permissions & Policies

Some rooms on campus are not managed by Scheduling and Event Services and special permission has to be granted to use those spaces. Learn More

Standard Seating Setups

There are several standard setups that are used across campus. Not all rooms can accommodate all setups. Learn More

Summer Conferences Policy

Rollins schedules Summer Conferences between June 1 and July 31. Learn More

Tailgating Policy

Guidelines have been established for tailgating at athletic events to provide for the safety of students and guests. Learn More

Vendor Tables Policy

External vendors can rent tables at the Cornell Campus Center. Learn More


Cornell Fine Arts Museum Event Venue Checklist

Events at the museum must fill out the CFAM venue checklist. Learn More

Event Classification Form

Each event is classified into a category: official college event, sponsored, professional organization, or external. Learn More