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Scheduling & Event Services

Faculty, Staff & Student Events

For the internal clients of campus, including the faculty, staff and students, everything you need to know about hosting your event on the Rollins campus.

Remember to plan ahead for the success of your event. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Planning Your Perfect Event

Remember to plan ahead for the success of your event. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Event Scheduling Procedures

How to request your event space, resources and more. Learn More

Tips for Successful Event Planning

Ensure your event is a success. Learn More

Virtual EMS Training Guide

Use virtual EMS to browse real-time calendars, check out available space, schedule events, add resources, modify your event, and order catering through Sodexo.

If you’re having issues logging into Virtual EMS, please try accessing the site through Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Crowd Manager Training Course

Per NFPA Life Safety Code: For events (excluding religious services) exceeding 250 guests, one trained crowd manager is required per 250 guests. Training Course

Large Events Protocol


Large events are considered any indoor event with over 100 attendees.

  • Event host will offer surgical or KN95 masks to all attendees  (Consider purchasing through Staples or Amazon Business).
  • Mask wearing is encouraged but not required
  • Three-foot distancing is requested if at all possible. Socially distanced seating must be available for at risk individuals who request it.

Promoting Your Event on the Rollins Events Calendar

The Primary Rollins Event Calendar:

The goal of the Event Calendar is to have as many Rollins events on one place for people to find events they would like to attend as well as using it as a planning tool to schedule their own. Anyone with a email address may sign into the calendar to submit events for approval. Please look at the sub-calendars below for the best location for your event.

Secondary Calendars

The system upgrade allows us to have several secondary calendars where the events 'may' flow up and into the primary calendar. 
NOTE: If your campus department is not part of a sub-calendar below then you will enter your event in the primary calendar.

1. Academic Calendar (CLA)  -
The Official College of Liberal Arts Academic Calendar published by Student Records.

2. Arts & Culture  -
Events from the following departments:

  • Art & Art History
  • Bach Festival Society
  • Cornell Fine Arts Museum
  • Music
  • Theatre and Dance
  • Winter Park Institute

3. Crummer  -
Events for Crummer Graduate School of Business:

  • Crummer Admissions
  • Crummer Alumni Relations
  • Crummer Career Resource Center
  • Crummer Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Crummer Center for Leadership Development
  • Crummer Management and Executive Education Center
  • Crummer Marketing
  • Crummer Student Services

4. Holt -
Events for the Hamilton Holt Evening School and DO NOT SHOW on the Primary Rollins Event Calendar.

5. Faculty & Staff
Events from the following departments and programs and DO NOT SHOW on the Primary Rollins Event Calendar.

  • Endeavor Center - items tied to the Endeavor Center are used to build the Faculty Development Calendar on their site.
  • Rollins Wellbeing

6. Student Organizations -
These events are imported by an RSS feed from the calendar. 

7. Athletics - We're unable to import these events so they continue to reside on the calendar.

For detailed instructions and help on the calendar please click here.

Email Marketing Your Event

We highly recommend using ReGroup! 

Regroup is an email announcement system used for marketing events to the campus. Regroup allows departments and student organizations alike to send campus-wide announcements with information about their events.

Sign in – You can access regroup at You will be able to sign in to Regroup with your Rollins foxID and password.

Sending an announcement – When you log in to Regroup, you should see “New Post” at the top right. Follow this link for detailed instructions on posting a message.

New to sending announcements through Regroup? Contact the IT Help Desk to get started!