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Rollins Foundations in the Liberal Arts

Environments Themed Courses Spring 2020

The earth is one interconnected system and humans play an integral role. Discover how to have a positive impact on social, cultural, and global environments. Gain the skills needed to identify, analyze, understand, and make sigificant changes to the environments we share and the relationships we have with science, environment, and personal responsibility.

Instructor: Mike Gunter

T,R 9:30 - 10-45; OLIN VAN HOUTEN

With a dizzying array of scientific, economic, cultural, social, and political variables shaping climate change, even those that recognize it as a threat tend to see climate change as both temporally and geographically distant, unfolding decades down the road – on the other side of the world. Using the narrative lens of ecotourism, our class tackles this misunderstanding, examining locales from here at home to the Galapagos Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Instructor : Lucy Littler

T,R 9:30 - 10:45, ORLAN 205

Is race fact or fiction? Like a novel, is “race” designed to draw audiences in and solicit their belief in its version of the truth? Or is it more than a story? Is “race” a reality that meaningfully impacts individuals, communities, and ideologies? Rooted in the study of 20 c. American literature and using multiple disciplinary lenses to enrich our examination, our course will consider these compelling questions—not only how we answer, but also the implications and consequences of asking, and what we do with our developing perspectives.