Experiential Learning

sparc day
Making connections between the classroom and the world is so central to life at Rollins that we begin every year with SPARC day, a decade-old day of service with nearly a thousand student, faculty, staff, and alumni participants each year. Throughout the Foundations program, courses spill out into campus lecture series, the Annie E. Russell theater, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, experiments in the field, and community partnerships. In their last Foundations Seminar, we test this continuing relationship between intellectual rigor and meaningful action with a practicum course, asking students to apply and integrate what they’ve learned throughout their time at Rollins. The final requirement for the program is the Foundations Summit—a celebration and public presentation of work completed in the 300 level practicum.

The Science of Superheroes

From the Hulk to Spider-Man, a Rollins College class examines the powers of superheroes.

Cool Class: The Science of Superheroes

Creating the Digital Future

This project-based course goes beyond learning HTML to examine how computer science, the web, and digital media are shaping our society.

Cool Class: Creating the Digital Future

The Science of Sustenance

Edible experiments are making students rethink their relationship with food.

Cool Class: The Science of Sustenance

Nightmares in 20th Century Literature

First-year students study how culture and context influence our values, fears, and aspirations.

Cool Class: The Science of Sustenance