Thomas Cole, (American, 1801-1848), Catskill Mountain House, The Four Elements, 1843-44, Oil on canvas, 28 ½ x 36 ½ in, Gift of Diane and Michael Maher. 2023.6
September 9, 2023 - January 7, 2024

American Visions:

Recent Additions to the Collection

In the last couple of years, the Rollins Museum of Art’s American collection has experienced transformative growth. More than thirty remarkable paintings from the 18th through the early 20th century have come to us as gifts and long-term loans. At once complementary and additive, they have enriched the collection, allowing us to present a more nuanced history of American art. They include artists we did not preciously have (John Singer Sargent, Thomas Cole, Benjamin West, George Inness, and Martin Johnson Heade, among others) and different genres by painters we already owned (Robert Henri, William Merritt Chase). They strengthen the representation of 19th century women artists (introducing works by Elizabeth Emmet LeRoy, Lilian Thomas Schmidt, and Jane Stuart) and bolster genres already strong (for instance 19th century landscape painting, including works by Thomas Moran, John Henry Twachtman, Herman Herzog, etc.). The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog written by Dr. Grant Hamming, former American Art Research Fellow at the RMA. 

This exhibition is organized by the Rollins Museum of Art with funding from the Ann M. MacArthur Exhibition Fund. Exhibitions at RMA are funded, in part, by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program, and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. The Rollins Museum of Art is generously funded, in part, by Rollins College, Winter Park, FL. 

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John Singer Sargent, (American, 1856-1925), Francis Brooks Chadwick, 1880, Oil on panel, 20 x 16 5/8 in., Intended gift from the Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation Inc. 2022.27
Lillian Thomas Schmidt, (American, 1875-1955), The Hunt, N.D., Oil on Canvas, Intended gift from the Gary R. Libby Charitable Trust Collection

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