Barbara Sorensen, (American, b. 1945), Billows, 2022, Aluminum, 28 ft x 17.5 ft 4 ft., Collection of the Artist
September 17 – December 31, 2022

Barbara Sorensen: Billows

Billows is the newest installation of Barbara Sorensen’s sculptural interpretation of the natural world. It is a departure from the artist’s wall-based signature series, Ripples. Billows breaks free of all constraints; the suspended metal pieces radiate effortless energy and capture the ephemeral unseen power of the wind. Billows recreates movement in the sky and stands in stark contrast to the material; the subtle elegance and weightlessness defies the rigid metal structure. Inspired by her international travels, Sorensen frequently references natural wonder in her work. Her time hiking in Aspen influenced this current body of work. After hiking the slopes of Snowmass, the artist was inspired to create monumental cloud formations. Soft and playful yet commanding, Billows balances the quiet strength of ever-present zephyrs and the presence of an incoming storm. The sweeping cloud-like formations imbibe the installation with visual kinetic energy of mist passing in the sky above. 

This immersive installation stays true to Sorensen’s preference for process-based sculpture. Heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionists of the mid 20th century, Sorensen derives meaning from the making of the work and values the process just as much as the result. This evocative piece asks the viewer to reconsider their place within the natural landscape and their surroundings.

This exhibition is organized by the Rollins Museum of Art in collaboration with the artist.

See the 360-degree virtual view of this exhibition.

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Barbara Sorensen, (American, b. 1945), Billows, 2022, Aluminum, 28 ft x 17.5 ft 4 ft., Collection of the Artist

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