April 10 - May 17, 2020

2020 Senior Student Exhibition

Frame of Reference

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The Cornell Fine Arts Museum, in collaboration with the Department of Art and Art History at Rollins College, is pleased to present Frame of Reference, an exhibition debuting the work of five senior Studio Art majors from the class of 2020.

A frame of reference is a set of values from which measurements or judgements can be made. By working from different sets of cultural and ideological standards, the artists reflect on individual observations of the world. Each artist engages in unique investigations of perception, both personal and communal, and observe and question the overlooked details and conventions which dictate our worldviews. Through an appreciation of the subtleties around us, their artworks enrich our Frame of Reference.

The works exhibited embody the distinct research practices developed by each of the students throughout their last year of study. Working with a variety of materials, the diversity of their practices evoke a multiplicity of contemplative thought and reflections on personal experience.

Artists represented in the exhibition include Kailee Blalock, Christine Cole, Danie Forero, Angela-Maria Martinez, and Ty Wedekind.

Kailee Blalock, VA, (1997), renders plausible architectural forms and optically alters them through line-work, exposing the invisible seams and joints of their geometric structures.

Christine Cole, FL, (1997), explores her personal relationship with home through moving time-based compositions within simulated domestic space.

Danie Forero, FL, (1999), examines the connections and overlap between her heritage through the creation of tiled landscapes.

Angela-Maria Martinez, FL, (1998), utilizes a multimedia approach to explore the philosophical intricacies of spoken language.

Ty Wedekind, MD, (1996), raises awareness of the stigmas surrounding mental health through mixed media portraits.

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