Residential Life & Explorations

RCC Courses Spring 2020

Learn more about what to expect from your first semester at Rollins and how we can help!

Learning Together

Rollins believes that a liberal arts education should be practical (applied), that students learn best by doing, and that classes are most impactful when students and faculty learn together.

Rollins College Conferences

In addition to taking exploratory courses in Foundations, your first semester at Rollins will include a Rollins College Conference, or RCC. In your RCC, you'll encounter your Peer Mentors who are sophomore, junior, and senior students who will guide you through your transition to Rollins. The RCC is a seminar class in which approximately 16 students meet with a faculty member to explore a topic in the professor's area of expertise. The professors are drawn from the full range of academic disciplines encompassing the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

RCCs are generally not connected to a specific major, so you should feel free to explore a topic that truly interests you.

Dr. Eren Tatari - Designing Your Life

The course applies design thinking to help students design their life and career. This class offers a framework, tools, and individual mentoring to empower students to develop an effective approach to designing a meaningful and productive life beyond Rollins.

Alexa Gordon - RCC 200: Rollins Transition Seminar (Transfer RCC)

More than a third of college students transfer to a new institution at least once within a six year period and Rollins is here to welcome and support you! This course is designed to help transition transfer students into Tars. Together we'll explore a variety of topics including campus support services, academic planning, the components and benefits of a liberal arts education, and finding your place at Rollins.