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Registration Errors FAQs

Registration Errors

Error message: Class Standing Restriction
What it means: Enrollment in this course is restricted by class standing (i.e. sophomore, junior). Instructor permission is required for a waiver.
What you should do: Complete the instructor consent form to request permission

Error message: Corequisite (co-req CRN); must also register for (CRN), or Corequisite (CRN) required
What it means: Section requires concurrent registration in another course, typically a lab.

Error message: Course closed - (CRN); (rank) on Waitlist
What it means: Student has successfully been added to the waitlist. Rank indicates how many students are ahead of them on the waitlist. A waitlist rank of zero means the student is first on the list.

Error message: Course closed (CRN); consider waitlisting
What it means: Course section is at capacity; student should consider waitlisting for the course by selecting 'Waitlist' from the registration menu.

Error message: Course is not available for registration.
What it means: This error occurs when a student tries to register for a course that does not have an active status such as a cancelled course.

Error message: Duplicate Course with Section (CRN)
What it means: Student is already registered for another section of the same course.  Students are allowed to waitlist for multiple sections of the same course, but they are not allowed to register for multiple sections of the same course.

Error message: Major/minor Restriction
What it means: Student must have a specific declared major or minor in order to register.
What you should do: Majors and minors can be declared on FoxLink; department approval is required for most declarations so there may be a delay in processing.

Error message: Max crs exceeded; course overload permission required
What it means: CLA students are allowed to register for a maximum of 22 credits; Holt students are allowed to register for a maximum of 18 credits.  Students wanting to register over their allowed maximum must request a course overload.
What you should do: Refer to the forms page on when credit hours will be raised. If you still need to register over the allowed maximum after the published date, you must complete a course overload form.

Error message: Missing prerequisite(s); See catalog for details.
What it means: Student does not pass the prerequisite check.  This could be a missing course (or courses) or class standing related.  Official prerequisites are noted in the catalog (  Instructor permission is required for a prerequisite waiver.
What you should do: If you do not have the prerequisites, complete the instructor consent form to submit your waiver request to the instructor. If you do have the prerequisites (via transfer credit or manual course exception in Degree Works), please complete the registration help request.

Error message: Non-crosslisted course; see registrar to register.
What it means: CLA students can only register for ONE Holt course that is not shared with Holt per academic year. Holt students can only register for ONE CLA course that is not shared with CLA per academic year. The registrar will review and approve.
What you should do: Complete the registration help request.

Error message: Program Restriction
What it means: Students are not allowed to register in other programs. (Ex: CLA students in Holt graduate programs)

Error message: Registration Hold(s)
What it means: Student cannot register due to registration hold(s) such as advisor, student account or student financial agreement holds. Check your Degree Works for the specific hold.

Error message: Repeat count exceeds (CRN)
What it means: Student is attempting to register for course in which they have already received a grade.  This message will appear for courses that are repeatable for credit (ie topics courses) and for courses in which the student can receive credit only once.  This is just a warning- students will be allowed to register.

Error message: Time conflict with (CRN)
What it means: Students may not sign up for courses that overlap meeting days/times and must resolve the conflict to continue with registration.  Complete the instructor consent form to request permission from BOTH instructors.

Error message: You have no registration Time Ticket. Please contact the Registrar.
What it means: Students need a time ticket in order to register.  
What you should do: Contact the registrar. If you are a student returning from leave, you must contact Student and Family Care first.