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Rollins College conducts all student registrations online using FoxLink. Registration is restricted to students in good academic and financial standing.

Course Schedules

College of Liberal Arts Registration Dates & Resources
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For more information about payment options, withdrawal schedules, and refunds, please visit Student Account Services.

Registration Instructions

How to Register Using Foxlink

Learn how to register and use the search and waitlisting functions. Video length - 3:18

Need Assistance?

  • Foxlink Login Issues: Contact the IT Helpdesk at 407-628-6363.
  • Registration Error Messages: Contact the Office of the Registrar at or 407-646-2144.
  • Academic Advising: Your academic advisor is listed at the top of your Degreeworks audit.

Registration FAQs

  1. What should I do to prepare for registration? It is a good idea to start by making an appointment with your faculty advisor to review your academic goals for your time at Rollins. It will also be helpful to familiarize yourself with the course offerings in the Schedule of Classes and to do a bit of planning ahead of your time ticket opening.

  2. Where do I go to register? Go to your Foxlink. On your Student tab, select "Registration and Student Records" and then "Add/Drop/Register for Classes." Click on "Register for Classes" and select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu. You will be able to add courses to your schedule through the search function or by entering CRNs. We put together a helpful video for you here that will walk you through this process.

  3. When do I register? Your registration period, or time ticket, varies depending on class standing and program. You can find a full list of registration groups, dates, and times here.

  4. What is a normal course load? Full-time CLA student status begins at 12 credit hours for financial aid purposes. However, CLA students at Rollins are advised to take between 16 and 20 credit hours per semester in order to graduate on time. Work closely with your faculty advisor to determine the number of credit hours you need on your schedule. If you are a Holt student, be sure to consult with your academic advisor on appropriate course loads.

  5. One of the courses that interests me states that "instructor consent" is required for registration. How can I get permission? You will need to speak with the instructor of the course. Please note, instructors cannot register you for courses and may only grant permission by emailing our office at or by signing an Add/Drop form that you, the student, turn in to the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for registering for all courses.

  6. What if I want to register for a class that is CLOSED? Once the registration cap for a class has been reached, the course is full. You may add yourself to the waitlist by selecting "Add to Waitlist" from the Action drop-down menu in the registration portal on FoxLink.

  7. What if I continue to have questions about registration? The best way to contact us if you are away from campus is via email - If you are on campus, please visit us on the 2nd floor of Carnegie Hall during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. We're here to help! Holt Student Services is open Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM and Fridays 8:30 PM - 5:00 PM.

Waitlist FAQs

How do I add myself to the waitlist for a closed section?
Students who meet all course prerequisites or restrictions may add themselves to the waitlist by going to FoxLink. Add and Drop classes and choosing Waitlist from the ‘Action’ menu.

How does waitlisting work?
Students who attempt to register for a closed section may add their names to the waitlist for that section. If a seat in the section becomes available, notice will be sent to the Rollins email address of the student at the top of the waitlist, who will have 24 hours to log in to his or her FoxLink and add the class.

The open seat will be reserved solely for the student at the top of the waitlist: no other student may register for the seat during the 24-hour time period. If the student at the top of the waitlist does not add the class within the 24-hour period, he or she will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified.

How often does the waitlist process run?
The waitlist process is open when registration begins and notifications will be sent during the registration time period except during published dates when the notifications will be turned off.

Are students who sign up for a waitlist guaranteed a seat in the class?
No, there is no guarantee that even one seat in a class will become available for students on a waitlist. For this reason, students should register for a full schedule so you do not appear to be under-enrolled for financial aid purposes, and so you aren’t desperately searching for a replacement course at the beginning of the semester.

What are the chances that one or more seats will become available for students on the waitlist for a class?
Chances of getting a seat in a closed class varies but are better for students who are in position one or two on the waitlist. However, even students in position one on the waitlist may not be offered a seat. Students on a waitlist should not assume that a seat in the class will become available and should register for a full schedule.

How are students on a waitlist prioritized?
Waitlists for most classes are prioritized on a first-come, first served basis. That is, the first student signing up for the waitlist will be offered the first available seat in the section.

The following exceptions may apply:

  • Upper-level courses may be prioritized by class standing (seniors to first-years), major or minor, and date and time of waitlisting.
  • When seating is reserved for first-year students, upper-class students on the waitlist will only get an opportunity to register for the class after first-year students have registered and if a seat becomes available. 
  • Graduate programs reserve the right to bypass the waitlist to ensure that students in lock-step, cohort-based curriculums have access to required courses

Instructors are advised to bypass the waitlist only in exceptional circumstances such as when the student may not graduate without the course in that specific semester.

What about students who really need a closed class to meet requirements?
Students who are approaching graduation and have a pressing need to register for a required course should register for that course during their first registration window. Seniors and juniors are seldom closed out of required courses if they prioritize such courses over electives. Students who find a required class closed should add their names to the waitlist and register for an alternative course.

Can students avoid the waitlist for a closed class by asking the faculty member for a registration override?
No, it would not be fair to students on the waitlist if other students could bypass the list altogether.

Waitlisting means that students no longer need to request that their names be added to a waitlist. It also means that faculty members no longer need to field such requests, maintain waitlists, and sign additional forms when seats become available.   Instructors may still sign add forms for students who do not meet course prerequisites, corequisites, restrictions, or insignificant time conflicts.

How do seats become available in a section with a waitlist?
A seat in a closed section becomes available when a registered student drops the class or when the enrollment limit is increased.

Is there a way for students to know their position on a waitlist?
Students may view their waitlisted classes by viewing their class schedule in their FoxLink. A student in position 1 (one) on a waitlist is next in line if a seat becomes available. A student in position 1 (one) will move into position 0 (zero) if a seat becomes available. He or she will receive notification that a seat has become available and will have 24 hours from the time the notification was sent (not received) to log in and register.

What happens if a student at the top of the waitlist does not register for an open seat within 24 hours of receiving an email notification?
A student who is offered an available seat and does not register within the 24-hour window will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the list. For this reason, students should check their Rollins email accounts several times per day, especially if they are close to the top of a waitlist.

Is there a limit to the number of waitlists to which students may add their names?
At this time, there is no limit; however, students who have the need to waitlist for three or more courses should contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

What if a student waitlists a class and later decides he or she is no longer interested?
As a courtesy to other students, it is expected that students will drop themselves from the waitlists of any sections they no longer plan to take.

May students add their names to the waitlist for more than one section of the same course?
Yes.  A student can also register for one section of a course and waitlist for alternate sections of the same course offered at different times or with different instructors.  If the student is notified that a seat is available in a waitlisted section, he or she must first drop the registered section before adding the waitlisted section.

May a student waitlist a class that has a time conflict with another course?
Yes. Although they may not register for sections with time conflicts, students may add themselves to waitlists that have time conflicts with other registered or waitlisted sections. If the student is notified that a seat is available in the waitlisted section, he or she must drop the conflicting course before adding the waitlisted section.

Is there a limit to the number of seats available for waitlisting in a section?
Waitlists maximums may vary by course and by discipline, but remember that only a few waitlisted students are likely to be offered seats in any given class section. Students should not assume that a seat in a waitlisted class will become available especially if you are not toward the top of the list.

How does waitlisting work with fee payment deadlines?
Students who have an outstanding balance after any semester payment deadline may be dropped from registered and waitlisted classes. A student’s position on a waitlist may improve after a payment deadline if other students in higher positions were dropped for non-payment.

If a student on a waitlist receives notification of an available seat and has a registration hold, may he or she register for the waitlisted class?
No, registration holds must be cleared prior to any registration activity, including waitlist activity.  Registration holds typically include an outstanding account balance (student account services), missing transcripts (registrar) or judicial/deans hold.

How long are waitlists maintained?
Students will be able to add their names to a waitlist through the first four days of the semester.  Automatic notification of available seats will also continue through the fourth day of classes.  After the fifth day of class, sections may only be added with instructor permission.

If a student on a waitlist receives notice of an available seat and accidentally drops the class, may he or she get into the waitlisted class?
As long as the student is within the 24-hour window, he or she may add the class by going to the “Add or Drop Classes” link on  FoxLink.

Registration Errors

ERROR MESSAGE Explanation Contact
Class Standing Restriction Enrollment in this course is restricted by class standing (i.e. sophomore, junior). Instructor permission is required for a waiver. Instructor
Corequisite (co-req CRN); must also register for  (CRN),
Corequisite (CRN) required
Section requires concurrent registration in another course, typically a lab.
Course closed - (CRN); (rank) on Waitlist Student has sucessfully been added to the waitlist.  Rank indicates how many students are ahead of them on the waitlits.  A waitlist rank of zero means the student is first on the list.
Course closed (CRN); consider waitlisting  Course section is at capacity; student should consider waitlisting for the course by selecting 'Waitlist' from the registration menu.
Course is not available for registration. This error occurs when a student tries to register for a course that does not have an active status such as a cancelled course.
Duplicate Course with Section (CRN) Student is already registered for another section of the same course.  Students are allowed to waitlist for multiple sections of the same course, but they are not allowed to register for multiple sections of the same course.
Major/minor Restriction Student must have a specific declared major or minor in order to register. Majors and minors can be declared on FoxLink; department approval is required for most declarations so there may be a delay in procesing.
Max crs exceeded; course overload permission required; see advisor Day students are allowed to register for a maximum of 22 credits; Holt students are allowed to register for a maximum of 16 credits.  All students need approval from their academic advisor and the college registrar. Overload forms are available at: and should be returned to the Registrar's Office.
Missing prerequisite(s); See catalog for details. Student does not pass the prerequisite check.  This could be a missing course (or courses) or class standing related.   Official prerequisites are noted in the catalog (  Instructor permission is required for a prerequisite waiver. Instructor for prerequisite waivers; See registrar if student feels there is an error in the system.
Non-crosslisted course; see registrar to register. Students are allowed to register for one course per year outside of their college.  A Holt student may take one non-crosslisted day class per year and a day student may take one non-crosslisted Holt class per year. Registrar
Program Restriction Holt graduate student is not allowed to enroll in courses outside their declared program of study.
Registration Hold(s) Student is not eligible to register due to a registration hold or holds(s).
Repeat count exceeds (CRN) Student is attempting to register for course in which they have already received a grade.  This message will appear for courses that are repeatable for credit (ie topics courses) and for courses in which the student can receive credit only once.  This is just a warning- students will be allowed to register.  
Time conflict with (CRN) Students may not sign up for courses that overlap meeting days/times and must resolve the conflict to continue with registration.  Students who have instructor permission to register for a class with a time conflict need to submit a signed Registration Change form to the Registrar's Office.
You have no registration Time Ticket. Please contact the Registrar. Students need a time ticket in order to register.  Students who receive this error should contact the registrar (   Registrar