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Central Receiving & Surplus Property

Surplus Policy & Procedure

Learn more about our surplus policy and procedure.

Effective Date: February 1, 2006
Updated: February 2, 2015

Purpose and Scope

To avoid the costs of unnecessary purchases and storage by facilitating the reuse of valuable surplus property and the disposal of surplus property of no resale value; to outline the process required for all departments in the transfer and disposal of surplus material; to ensure proper and timely handling of surplus material with a maximum benefit to the College.

Notification Process

  1. Any department that has equipment, furniture, office supplies or other items no longer needed, with the exception of computer equipment (monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, and any other computer peripheral device), should contact Business Services. For IT Surplus, please contact the Help Desk.
  2. Business Services will contact the department to arrange to pick up.
  3. The value of the material to be disposed of is determined by those individuals within the College having knowledge of the item(s) or by an outside vendor when given appropriate information (purchase date, cost, manufacturer, model condition, etc.).

Asset Surplus Disposal

  1. Any item purchased under a federal, state, or restricted private grant or contribution must be clearly identified by the department submitting the surplus.
  2. Federal, state, or restricted private asset surplus disposal must be handled as prescribed in the contract or grant under which the item was purchased. The grant and contract accountant must approve the property transfer before the asset is removed from the requesting department.
  3. Business Services will obtain the book value of all federal, state, or restricted private assets from the finance department. Disposal values less than book value on these assets must be approved by the controller.
  4. Disposal information including sales receipts involving federal, state, or restricted private assets will be forwarded to the finance department at the time of disposal. The finance department will record the disposal in the College financial system.

Surplus Disposition

  1. The Department of Business Services will evaluate the condition and nature of items to determine disposition status.
  2. Disposition concerning all computer related equipment is coordinated with Information Technology.
  3. Items available for department re-use will be held for a reasonable amount of time to give ample opportunity for inspection by all interested departments. These items will be listed on Public Surplus ( and will be flagged with a "key" symbol to designate internal reallocation only.
  4. When items are not transferred within the College after a reasonable time, these items are then available for bid to the public on Public Surplus.
  5. Disposition concerning all furniture-related items is coordinated with Facilities and Business Services.
  6. All surplus, either available for internal reallocation/departmental reuse or for personal bid, may be examined Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by appointment only. Contact Central Receiving (407.646.2334) to arrange an appointment.
  7. Items damaged beyond repair or unsafe items will be discarded by the most appropriate means after evaluation by Business Services.
  8. Items in serviceable condition but no longer needed within the College will be disposed of in one of the following ways:
    1. Sale on Public Surplus
    2. Trade-in (used for the purchase of new items)
    3. Donation (community projects or charitable organizations)
  9. Items not usable but having scrap or recycling value will be sold. Funds will be submitted to the cashier's office for deposit to the College's general fund.
  10. All items received for surplus which can be transferred and used within the college (i.e. desks, chairs, file cabinets, etc.) will be retained by the Department of Business Services. The Public Surplus internal reallocation/department reuse web site will be updated on a weekly basis to provide accurate item information to potential departments.

Surplus Process for Internal Reallocation/Department Reuse and items for sale

  1. Register at Public Surplus (link for Rollins employees only).
  2. Type in registration code: RUBY 35 DRUG 70
  3. Fill out personal information in the section "Information About You." Complete "Desired Username and Password" section.
  4. Proceed to the next step, which will lead you to the area will you will agree to the "Buyer Agreement." Check the box next to "I have read and accepted the buyer agreement."
  5. Proceed through the next step, until you see the "Register" button. Click the "Register" button. 
  6. You will then receive either an e-mail confirmation or a phone confirmation. Enter your confirmation code at the next screen.
  7. Once registered, go to the Public Surplus login site.
  8. Enter login information.
  9. Click on the "Auctions" tab to see items available for internal reallocation/department reuse (designated with a key symbol) and items for sale.
  10. To select an item for internal reallocation, click on the small description of the item, and then click the "Submit" button in the blue box. Contact Central Receiving at 407-646-2334 to arrange for delivery.
  11. If you wish to bid on a public auction, please enter a bid amount and click the submit button. At the end of the auction period, the high bidder wins. Payment is made directly to Public Surplus. Once payment is made, please contact Central Receiving at 407-646-2334 to arrange for pick-up.

Handling of Surplus Computers

Information Technology replaces College computers regularly. The majority of machines are replaced during the summer months, but other machines are replaced on an as-needed basis throughout the year. All faculty and staff who are having their office computer replaced have right of first refusal to purchase the machine being replaced. Information Technology may choose to keep certain machines as a source of replacement parts or to redeploy that machine to a different location on campus. However, many machines will have fulfilled their useful campus life and will be turned over to Business Services to be cataloged as surplus property if the machine is in working condition.

Information Technology provides a suggested sale price to Business Services for each machine based on the starting price of the machine, the age of the machine, the operating condition of the machine, and current purchase price for a similar machine on the open market. Business Services lists these items for public auction on Public Surplus. If the machine is not in working condition or has little or no value, I.T. will turn it over to an I.T. recycler.