Account Options

The R-Card has several different accounts that provide flexible purchasing power across the campus and Winter Park community. 

The Rollins meal plans for 2018-19 are being revised to better meet the needs of our students! More information will be released soon! 

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan

Faculty and Staff have access to a self-funded meal plan. There is an enrichment when funds are deposited into this meal plan. This plan can be used at any of the on-campus dining locations.

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TarBUC$ is a stored value account available to all members of the Rollins community. Funds deposited here can be used across campus and off-campus at dining and non-dining locations. Funds added to this account can be refunded upon separation from Rollins College, as long as there is at least $10 in the account. You are able to see a list of Off-Campus vendors within our community tab.

Make a deposit

Charge Accounts

Only CLA students have access to charge accounts. Charge accounts allow purchases to be billed directly to a student's account. Transactions are submitted to the Bursar's Office for billing.

Locations that use charge accounts

R-Card Office
1000 Holt Ave - 2792
Winter Park, Fl, 32789