Public Policy & Political Economy

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Professional Possibilities

Professional Possibilities

The new major offers students important career choices. Some will pursue graduate degrees in public policy like David Bagby ’06, who earned an MA in social welfare policy from Cambridge. Others are prepared for careers in business, law, and the public and private sectors.

Public Policy & Political Economy Program Goals

  • Often public problems exhibit recurring structures that inhibit their resolution through the political process. Students will understand the conditions that encourage and discourage effective human social and political cooperation including theories of collective action and organizational behavior.

  • Students will acquire a framework for formulating and evaluating appropriate normative objectives, including liberty, social justice, social responsibility, efficiency, and other social values integrated in moral and political philosophies.

  • Students will learn the analytical tools used to evaluate public policies and programs in terms of their efficacy in achieving given social objectives.

  • Students will apply the principles and skills from the public policy major to research and propose practical solutions to decision-making problems in the real world.

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