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The psychology department maintains this web page with resources as well as Facebook and LinkedIn sites to connect with our current students and alumni.


Should a psychology professor be my advisor?

If you are majoring in psychology, it is highly recommended that you are advised by one of the psychology faculty by the beginning of your second year at Rollins.  Major and minor declarations and advisor changes can be made via Foxlink.  Students minoring in psychology or simply interested in knowing more about psychology should also talk to one of us about course options but should retain an academic advisor in their major course of study.  All of us have office hours posted on our doors.  Feel free to stop by.  Also, we encourage you to peruse the academic advising website for good questions to ask your advisor. 

I may be interested in research, but how can I learn more about what it is and if it’s for me?

Research is not for everyone, but you need undergraduate research experience if you plan to earn Honors in the Major (see above) or apply to Ph.D. programs.  Luckily, we love to work with students on research projects!  Check out the faculty page to learn about our individual research interests, but know that projects and lab groups are constantly evolving.  So drop by during office hours to learn more about what is currently going on in our labs. 

Remember, there are at least two formal mechanisms for doing research at Rollins, independent studies during the academic year and summer projects through the Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Program.  Both of these require some collaborative work with a faculty member the semester BEFORE you start a formal project.  So talk to faculty early!

Also, please visit our Institutional Review Board website before you begin a project to ensure that you are adhering to the ethical principals and guidelines of our field.  It is a federal requirement that all research protocols be reviewed before data collection begins.

Can I do an internship for credit in my psychology major?

While we highly encourage students to participate in internships while at Rollins, very few have enough psychology-related content to qualify as a course on your major map.  Most psychology graduate programs prefer research experiences (see above) to internships.  You can (and should) look at internship opportunities that can help you determine interesting career paths.  More information on qualified internships (both paid and unpaid) is available using Handshake through the Center for Career and Life Planning

Can I study abroad if I am a psychology major?

Absolutely!!! Our students study abroad in countries like England, Australia, and Spain, just to name a few.  Begin by talking to someone in the Office of International Programs to learn more about your options, then contact your psychology advisor to work out an individualized plan within the major.

My professor said I have to use scientific sources for my assignment.  Where do I find good ones in psychology?

PsycInfo is the premier source database in our field and the Olin Library has a subscription.  The library guide for psychology (created by our librarian Dr. Jonathan Miller) is a quick way to link to relevant databases to find articles, psychological tests, and excellent videos.

Where can I find someone to help with my APA lab report or stats homework?

Every year we nominate students to be tutors and writing consultants.  These current Rollins students have successfully completed the foundation courses and even some of the domain courses.  Visit the TJ’s Tutoring and Writing Center for help with a specific assignment or to make a study plan for the semester.  A list of the current psychology tutors can be found on the TJ’s website and you can make an appointment today!

Honors in the Major

Psychology majors interested in completing a year long research project to earn honors in the major typically work with a member of the Psychology faculty to identify an appropriate project and complete the necessary paperwork in the Spring of their Junior year.  Only students who meet the criteria in the “Curriculum and Curricular Requirements for Honors in the Major Field" of the Rollins College Catalogue are eligible.  To be eligible for Honors in the Major Field, students must:

  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 'C+' (2.33) for all courses at Rollins
  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 'B+' (3.33) for all courses taken in the major at Rollins, and receive endorsement of the committee for participation in the program
  • Satisfactory performance on an approved thesis or individual project, an oral examination, and maintenance of the above averages qualifies a student for Honors in the Major Field, which is shown on the student’s official academic transcript.


Your committee must consist of at least three members, including your honors project sponsor and two additional readers. Your sponsor and at least one reader must be tenured or tenure-track members of the Psychology Department. One reader may be a visiting professor or lecturer in the department. Projects with an interdisciplinary focus may include a tenured or tenure-track faculty member outside the department.  You should work with your sponsor to determine who would be most appropriate as readers for your project.

Courses Involved

You will typically enroll in two semesters of research independent study, PSY 498 and PSY 499, for at least four hours per semester.   You must complete the second semester of honors research in their senior year.  You will be assigned a grade for each semester.

The first semester of work should be spent defining the scope of the project, reviewing literature, and developing your research methodology. This process will take place under the direction of your project sponsor, but your committee may review your progress at the end of the semester. Be sure to establish a clearly understood set of expectations with all members of your committee.

By the end of the second semester, students working towards honors in the major should collect and analyze their data and complete the full APA manuscript for their project.

Project Submission and Oral Examination

All projects require an oral examination. You should schedule your oral examination, or “defense,” with the committee no later than finals week. You should submit your completed final project to your committee one week before the scheduled date of your defense.

Defense meetings will typically last one hour and will include a brief presentation by the candidate, a question and answer period, private discussion among the committee during which the candidate will be asked to leave the room, and a final discussion on the committee’s decision once the candidate returns. The award of “Honors in the Major Field” requires satisfactory completion of the oral examination and any edits required by the committee.

After successful completion of all requirements, students should submit an electronic copy of the thesis to the Department of Psychology for our archive.

Sample Proposals

You may wish to review the following successful proposals as a guideline for creating your honors thesis proposal.

2004 Psychology 498/499
2006 Psychology 498/499

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the international honor society in Psychology.  Benefits of the lifetime membership include international recognition of excellence in psychology, awards and grants available for research, access to psychology publications, and leadership, educational, and community service opportunities.  Our local chapter invites College of Liberal Arts and Holt students who meet the national eligibility requirements to become members via email in early Fall.  As an undergraduate, you qualify for membership if you:

  • Declared a major or minor in Psychology
  • Achieve at least a second-semester sophomore status with an established GPA that places you in the top 35% of your class
  • Completed a minimum of 3 Psychology courses
  • Earned a minimum 3.0 GPA in your Psychology courses

All members of Psi Chi are encouraged to serve as officers to help plan and execute campus events related to Psychology.  If you are interested in serving as an officer contact the Psi Chi Advisor, Dr. Rachelle Yankelevitz.