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Property Management

Request Emergency Maintenance

For your safety and convenience, the Rollins Residential Property Management Office provides a 24-hour emergency maintenance answering service to answer and route your emergency maintenance requests.

After-Hour Maintenance Emergencies

Listed below are situations that require our Maintenance Technician to visit a property to make the necessary repair after regular business hours. These situations must be dealt with at the time of the call from the resident and not be scheduled for the next business day. If the technician is not able to make the requested repair, then it is the technician’s responsibility to contact the appropriate contractor to make the repair at the time of the request from the resident.

The following are examples of what is considered an “after hour’s maintenance emergency”:


  • No heat in the property and the outside temperature is below or forecasted to be below 45 degrees
  • No air conditioning in the property and the outside temperature is above or forecasted to be above 80 degrees


  • No electricity to major appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, or HVAC units
  • No electricity to over 50% of the home


  • No usable bathroom in the property
  • Burst water supply lines

Appliance Repair

  • Refrigerator repair


  • Storm damage to roof: tree limbs through roof, etc.
  • Community entrance blocked


  • Actual fire on property
  • Fire Systems: Smoke alarm continuously sounding, sprinklers running, etc.
  • Break In/Burglary
  • Broken lock/window that is easily accessible (i.e. first floor)

if any of these scenarios apply, please call the residential property management office at 407-691-1728. Wait for the after-hours operator to pick up. The maintenance technician will be contacted to respond immediately. Do not leave a message at our office for an emergency if is after regular business hours. If you are unable to reach the after-hours operator, contact campus security for further assistance at 407-646-2999 a campus officer is available 24/7.

Not An Emergency?

Non-emergency maintenance repairs can be requested by either submitting a maintenance request form, by calling the Residential Property Management Office at 407-691-1728, or by sending an email to the Residential Property Manager.