Gain valuable insight into human behavior and development while advancing your opportunities for a career in the mental health industry.

Rollins’ bachelor’s degree in psychology provides you with the valuable insights into healthy relationships, human motivation, and personalities to prepare you for careers working one-on-one in a treatment setting or working with an organization to improve the employee experience.

So whether you choose to pursue a career as a therapist, counselor, or organizational behavioralist, you’ll have gained essential interpersonal, critical-thinking, and coping skills to make a lasting difference in people’s lives—including your own.

Top 3 Reasons to Finish Your Psychology Degree at Rollins

  1. Conduct Research that Matters

    You’ll have the opportunity to be involved directly in research by working with children on the spectrum to collect data that will increase our understanding of the neurological and developmental disorder.

  2. Enhance Your Resume

    Through our internship programs, you can gain experience in addiction recovery by working in local drug treatment facilities, in patient treatment by working at behavioral centers, and in industrial and organizational psychology by working in human resources departments.

  3. Gain Breadth and Depth

    In addition to your core courses, you’ll be able to choose between focusing more on clinical, developmental, and social psychology or thought and behavior that will help you gain a leg up on the competition if you choose to pursue graduate school, which many of our grads do.

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A psychology professors leads a small group discussion with students.

Expert Faculty

Our psychology faculty are dedicated teachers and working professionals in the field. That means you’ll learn from experts ranging from neuropsychologists, developmental psychologists, and cognitive psychologists to attorneys and experts in the psychology of work, group dynamics, and management. You can also take classes on the psychology of relationships and the science of compassion from a licensed clinical psychologist. At Rollins, your professors’ vast expertise and commitment to mentorship will give you the foundation to excel in the mental health sector.

A counselor meets with a patient.

Did You Know?

The average annual salary for psychologists is $81,040, and there are 13,400 projected openings for psychologists every year on average over the next decade.

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A professor works with two graduate students to perfect behavior analysis techniques.

Accelerate Your Expertise

Rollins offers an accelerated graduate program that allows you to simultaneously earn credit toward your bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in applied behavior analysis and clinical science. Find out how our accelerated master’s program save you time and money and increase your earning potential.

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