Rollins Recognized Among Nation’s Best Colleges for Quality and Affordability

September 22, 2023

By Jessica Firpi ’11

Rollins commencement ceremony
Photo by Scott Cook.

Rollins has been named one of the nation’s best colleges in an analysis of dozens of quality and affordability measures from more than 2,400 four-year institutions.

Rollins has been named in a comprehensive list of the nation’s best colleges by, a trusted online magazine that provides guidance and resources to help families make informed decisions about where to spend their tuition dollars.

To develop the list and school ratings, first looked at four-year public and private nonprofit colleges in the country, a group that totals more than 2,400. From there, they narrowed down the schools to a group of 736 based on the following criteria: 1) Must have at least 500 undergraduate students; 2) must have sufficient, reliable data to be analyzed; 3) must not be in financial distress; 4) must have a graduation rate that is at or above the median for its institutional category or have a high “value-added” graduation rate. After collecting and analyzing data on more than 700 qualifying institutions, the schools were assessed based on a combination of quality, affordability, and student outcomes.

To determine the quality of education, the institutions were measured against graduation rates, peer quality, and instructor access, among other criteria. The College boasts an 11:1 student-faculty ratio and a unique mentorship model that provides every student a community of mentors throughout their Rollins journey.

A Rollins professor works one on one with a student.
At Rollins, our low student faculty ratio of 11:1 and average class size of just 17 students mean that you’re never just a number. Our faculty are deeply invested in your success and act as guides and mentors as you discover your unique pathway to purpose.Photo by Scott Cook.

The affordability category took into consideration the net price of a degree and the average student debt, alongside other stats. Each year, around 95 percent of Rollins students receive more than $89 million in combined federal, state, and institutional aid. On average, first-year students with a demonstrated need receive as much as $35,000 in financial support, which makes the dream of a Rollins education a reality for many students who may have doubted the feasibility of attending.

Student outcomes were calculated using graduation rates, alumni salaries, employment outcomes, and return on investment. For more than 130 years, Rollins has held firm to the belief that a college education should do more than prepare students for their first job. It should help them discover what they truly care about and prepare them to pursue that purpose with all their might. As a result, our graduates’ prospects are as limitless as their ambition, and many have gone on to lead meaningful lives and productive careers everywhere from Amazon and Google to Coca-Cola and Walt Disney World.

The College’s inclusion on’s 2023 list of best colleges serves to highlight the importance of our mission and the value of a Rollins education in the marketplace.

Two business students work on a project together in class.

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