Frequently Asked Questions About Returning to College

November 21, 2023

By Luke Woodling ’17MBA

Get answers to all your questions about returning to college to finish your bachelor’s degree from real Rollins Professional Advancement students.

Returning to college to finish your bachelor’s degree is a big decision that often comes with a lot of questions. Can I afford it? Will my credits transfer? How will I balance school with work and family obligations? What kind of program is right for me?

Who better to answer those questions than students who were in your shoes just a few years ago? In this video, we asked five Professional Advancement students to answer the most frequently asked questions about returning to college based on their own experiences at Rollins.

An admission counselor meets one on one with a prospective student.

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From virtual and on-campus information sessions to one-on-one meetings with an admission counselor, Rollins offers an array of ways to learn about our flexible and affordable Professional Advancement degree programs, seamless transfer experience, guaranteed admission policy, and more.

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