Print Services

Print Services is the solution to all of your printing needs. Whether you simply need copies or want to create banners for hanging on a building, Print Services can help you get your project off the ground.

Prolific Printing

Print Services at Rollins exists to provide the students, staff, faculty, and community with a wide variety of printing services in the highest possible quality and in the most economical and efficient manner.


Not Your Average Copy Center

Print Services offers more than your average copy center. As you become more familiar with who we are and what we do, you’ll realize that we can do more than make your basic color copies.

Wide Variety of Services

We are not only capable of making your black/white copies and color copies. We do all sorts of finishing, binding, mounting as well. We also have an in-house designer to help you with your layout and design work. We will help with your department AND your personal requests. Keep us in mind for your next community event.

Highest Quality

Your print requests need the quality that we provide. As you might expect from a smaller print shop, we pride ourselves on the quality that goes into each piece. You should be happy with your print request. We offer a wide range of paper qualities, and can order directly from our paper vendor to find exactly what you need. It might take some extra time, but it will be to the highest quality.

We Design, Too

One of the newest things that we offer is design services to suit your needs. We have an in-house designer that will be happy to meet with you to help make it happen. Let us know how we can make this easier for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver? We strive to meet the goals and deadlines of our customers. Based on our workload, we try to make two deliveries a day: once in the morning before lunches begin, and once later in the afternoon.

Deliveries are made by one of our staff members, department colleagues, or one of our friendly student employee faces.

If delivery doesn't work for you, come visit our office to pick up your order. We love visitors, as well as the opportunity to show you our shop, and our high-powered machinery.

If you need to find where we are, check out Rollins' campus map. We are located in the Facilities & services building, to the right of Campus Safety.

Can I get it any quicker? Speed is everything these days, and we really try to cater to that. Turnaround time is based on each job, the extra production that some pieces require. Whether it be designing, scanning or organizing, it all takes time. If it's only coil binding a book, then give us two shakes of a toner tail... get it? If it's making 1,800 postcards or 2,500 tri-fold brochures, give us a bit more time.

Our time guesstimates are also based on how many departments we are currently working with. Don't forget that we have high workloads too, and we're accommodating multiple departments on campus.

Let us do all of the work of finding the most suitable printer, we make sure they're cost effective, too. It's what we're here for!

If you have a question about turnaround time, give us a call. We love working with our Rollins departments.

Print Services
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