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LECOM Early Acceptance Program

EAP Application Information

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Early Acceptance Program (EAP)

Rollins College has partnered with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) to provide provisional early acceptance to LECOM’s School of Pharmacy, School of Dental Medicine or College of Osteopathic Medicine. Those who meet all the academic requirements while earning their undergraduate degrees will be guaranteed acceptance into Lake Erie’s graduate medical program at its campuses in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida.

LECOM is a private college with physical locations in Erie and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Elmira, NY (new) and Bradenton, Florida. For more information, visit the LECOM EAP page:

Application Process For Current Rollins Undergraduates

  1. Apply directly to LECOM 
  2. Complete the Enrollment Form for the Rollins-LECOM Early Acceptance Program (available from Dr. Marisa Fuse, Health Professions Advisor)

Application Process For Students Entering Rollins College from High School

  1. Apply for admission to LECOM:
  2. Apply for admission to Rollins:
  3. Students who have been provisionally accepted to LECOM and who have applied to Rollins College will be emailed requesting they complete the Rollins-LECOM EAP Enrollment Form (processed on a rolling basis; once capacity has been reached students will be placed on a waiting list).

Application to LECOM – Medical School

The LECOM on-line College of Medicine Application must be submitted by November 1 of the year prior to LECOM matriculation. An AACOMAS application must not be completed. 

Letters of recommendation for provisionally accepted students must be received by LECOM EAP Admissions office in Erie, PA no later than March 1 of the year they plan to matriculate at LECOM. LECOM may withdraw the reserved seat of anyone who has not met the application deadlines.

Application to LECOM – Pharmacy or Dental School

The PharmCAS or AADSAS application and other required information must be directed to the campus of choice. The application process can be started in June of the year prior to matriculation but must be submitted by November 15thof the year prior to LECOM matriculation. 

The web address for the appropriate application service is:


PharmCAS –

The LECOM Supplemental Application must be completed by January 1stof the year of LECOM matriculation. LECOM may withdraw the reserved seat of anyone who has not met the application deadlines.

Students must be enrolled in the EAP and attend Rollins College for at least two consecutive years to be considered for acceptance into any of LECOM’s programs.

EAP Overview









finish BA at Rollins prior to matriculation at LECOM

4+3 (Erie)

4+4 (Bradenton)

GPA Requirement

3.2 Science GPA

3.4 Overall GPA

A final grade of “C” or better must be achieved in a LECOM required course. A “C-“ is not acceptable and the course must be retaken.

Citizenship Requirement

US Citizens or Permanent Residents

US Citizens or Permanent Residents

US Citizens, Permanent Residents or International Students with F-1 VISA

Minimum Undergrad Courses Required

  • English (2 sem)
  • Behavioral Science (2 sem)
  • Physics including a lab (1 sem)
  • Biology including two labs (2 sem)
  • General Chemistry w/ lab (2 sem)
  • Organic Chemistry w/ lab (2 sem)
  • Biochemistry (can be used in place of second Organic Chemistry course and lab) 
  • Genetics


  • English; composition emphasizing technical language (2 sem)
  • Biology w/lab (2 sem)
  • General Chemistry w/ lab (2 sem)
  • Organic Chemistry w/ lab (2 sem)
  • Biochemistry


  • Physiology
  • Physics w/ lab
  • Anatomy w/ lab
  • Microbiology w/ lab
  • Cell Biology
  • Histology
  • Immunology
  • Genetics
  • English (2 sem)
  • Psychology or Sociology
  • Physics
  • Biology w/lab (2 sem)
  • General Chemistry w/lab (2 sem)
  • Organic Chemistry w/lab (2 sem)
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • General Education Electives (3 sem)


Admissions test

MCAT **not required


·       They have taken at least one Biochemistry course and one Genetics course and have earned a grade of “C” or higher in each;

·       The student has provided LECOM with official documentation of their SAT or ACT scores; and 

·       The student achieves the required AIS score of 115 or higher.

·       A LECOM College of Medicine applicant not meeting the Academic Index Score requirement one year prior to matriculating to LECOM or not having an SAT/ACT score must take the MCAT. 

·       An MCAT total score of 500 or greater must be achieved by anyone taking the MCAT, including those who voluntarily take it.



Must be taken by Dec. 1 of the Senior year.

Academic Average     ≥ 18; and 

Quantitative Reasoning            ≥17; and

Reading Comprehension            ≥17; and

Perceptual Ability        ≥ 17; and

Survey of the Natural Sciences         ≥17


PCAT **not required

Campus Options

Erie, PA

Bradenton, FL

Seton Hill (Greensburg, PA)

Elmira, NY (*new)

Erie, PA

Bradenton, FL

Erie, PA

Bradenton, FL

Degrees awarded



BA + PharmD