Pre-Health Professions Advising Program

Timetable for Pre-Health Students

The following are things that should be done to stay on track for acceptance into health professional school.

Every Year
  • Select the appropriate courses for your chosen profession
    • Review course requirements for each selected school
    • Have your schedule checked by an HPAC member
    • Obtain professor evaluations (4)
  • Obtain health-related and community service experience
    • Volunteer in the community
    • Shadow Health Professionals
    • Log experiences in the Health Professions Advising Portfolio
Sophomore Year
  • HPA 150 Careers in Health Science (Optional)
  • Apply for the Rollins Observership Experience
Junior Year
  • Decide on the professional schools to which you will apply
  • Finish obtaining all professor evaluations
  • Complete and submit the Health Professions Application Packet
  • Take the appropriate admissions test (MCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.)
  • Submit applications (typically through an online service)
  • Sign up for an interview with HPAC
Senior Year
  • Complete your applications (including having an HPAC packet sent to schools)
  • Interview at professional schools

Rollins Observership Experience
Rollins partners with Florida Hospital to allow students from Rollins to participate in a medical observership. Students are assigned a particular area such as surgery, emergency medicine, and family practice. Students spend 8 hours/day for one week during either our January intersession or in the summer. The long day of interaction allows students to observe the life of a physician and to talk with physicians, nurses, residents and medical students.  Students have had positive experiences that help them decide if medicine is the right career for them.  See the Chief Health Professors Advisor to learn about the application process.

Health Professions Advising Portfolio
The Health Professions Advising Portfolio (HPAP) is a web application that allows you to log entries from your medical and community volunteer experiences.  It also provides links to medical associations.  All students in the HPAP are automatically enrolled in a Blackboard course called HPAP.  The Blackboard site for this course also has information about events and information and the health sciences.  Students who sign up for HPAP will be sent e-mails about health sciences meetings with the Chief Health Science Adviser, scholarships programs, and about visits from health professional schools representatives.  Signing up for HPAP is done through Foxlink from the Rollins r-net website.

Professor Evaluations
To participate in the formal HPAC interview and have an evaluation prepared for your professional school application, a minimum of four (4) professors from whom you have taken courses must submit evaluation forms.  Professors from courses in the laboratory natural sciences must submit four of these forms.  Print out the professor evaluation form, sign the waiver at the top and submit it to professors who know you well enough to give a good evaluation of your qualities as a health professional school applicant.

Health Professions Application Packet
Prior to requesting an HPAC interview, submit the Health Professions Application Packet that details your credentials as a professional school applicant.  The HPAC will use this information, the six (or more) professor evaluations and your interview experience to draft a formal letter of evaluation to be sent with your application packet.  This packet also includes a composite of your professor evaluations and any letters submitted to HPAC on your behalf from health care professionals.