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Pre-Collegiate Programs

Summer Component


Experience the Life of a College Student


UB gives students the opportunity to complete a six-week academic program taught by certified teachers in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties. Students are placed in classes that they've registered to take the following year at their High Schools. This provides them a head start on the curriculum and they are given the opportunity to benefit from the many resources at the Rollins College campus. 

Students who participate in the summer academic program will stay on Rollins College campus in their Residential Dorms for two weeks to gain the experience of what it's like living on a college campus. There, students will be led by five residential advisors and seven tutors to facilitate them in tutoring, clubs, evening activities, and field trips.

Two commuter weeks, one virtual week of project based learning, and a College Tour experience for the sixth week (for eligible students) where students are exposed to different cultures and life as a college student. 

All meals, residency fees, tutoring and activity fees are paid for by the Upward Bound Program. This gives them an amazing college experience and helps build bonds that will lasts!

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Summer 21 Recap!

Resident Advisors

Five qualified and experienced Resident Advisors will be selected to work with Upward Bound this Summer! 

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