The Rollins Alert System

The Rollins Alert System provides timely and immediate warnings and information during an emergency. The system is multi-modal and redundant and can provide highly targeted information to students, faculty, staff, and parents during an emergency using a variety of methods.

Methods of Communication

Below, are some of the methods you may receive information during an emergency from the Rollins Alert System:

Activation of the Rollins Alert System

The Rollins Alert System will be activated when an immediate threat to the campus community exists. This could include natural, technological, or man-made incidents that may impact the campus. When an immediate threat has been identified and reported to Campus Safety, an initial alert will be issued providing a description of the situation and actions to take (evacuate, shelter-in-place, avoid area). Depending on the situation impacting campus, a variety of communication methods may be selected or a combination of all methods of communications.

Follow-Up Communications

After the initial Rollins Alert message has been distributed to the campus community, follow-up messages will periodically continue to inform the community of the situation as it transpires. Upon confirmation that the situation has been contained and it is safe for the community to continue normal activities, an “All Clear” message will be distributed.


The Rollins Alert System is tested each month on the first Saturday at 12 Noon utilizing all methods of emergency notification. The purposes of these tests are to ensure functionality of the system and to familiarize the community with its use. If you ever experience discrepancies with the tests and the methods you receive alerts; please let Campus Safety assist you in diagnosing the cause of the issue so that you may continue to receive alerts.

If you are a parent and would like to receive Rollins Alerts, please allow your student to update their account via MyRollins with your contact information.

Updating Contact Information

Updating contact information for the Rollins Alert System is simple. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member; you may log into your Foxlink account and click on the Rollins Alert section of the website and update or input contact information for up to 3 mobile numbers, 3 landlines, and 3 emails.

In addition to being able to update your contact information through Foxlink, you can also test the information you have added to the system by clicking on the “Test the Rollins Alert System” link and following the instructions provided.

If you have any questions about the Rollins Alert System or need assistance, please contact Campus Safety at 407-646-2999 or