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Anchor Guide: March-May

The spring offers a multitude of opportunities for students to explore opportunities inside and outside of the classroom and being planning for their summer and fall interests. See below for important information and helpful resources for the spring semester.

Advising for fall courses takes place in March and provides students the opportunity to plan courses with faculty advisors and check in on their academic plans.

Students can also register for Maymester courses, a five-week period to assist students in attaining their academic goals and fulfilling graduation requirements. Maymester course costs are in addition to regular tuition.

Spring is also a great time for your student to start thinking about their summer plans before the pressure of finals hits. Engage them in a conversation about what they're planning to do over the summer, and encourage them to consider an internship or summer job in order to explore careers and build professional experience. Your student can make use of the Center for Career & Life Planning’s helpful internship and job-search appointments, as  well  as  resume and cover letter reviews to help them get prepared. Additionally, the CLP hosts thousands of internship and job postings in Handshake.

Students who are engaged in deep experiences like internships, study abroad, and student organizations that give them a strong connection to their passion are more likely to thrive in college and beyond.

Did your student join a fraternity or sorority earlier this semester? They should be wrapping up their new member education experience and will soon become initiated members of their organizations. Our seniors are getting ready to graduate and are about to join a large network of FSL alumni that spans the globe. Questions about the new member experience or the fraternity and sorority experience in general? Visit here.

This mid-term time of semester can be a demanding time for students. Ask your student about the challenges of their courses, academic expectations, and plans to manage their stress in a healthy way. Remind them that there are academic support resources offered by their faculty advisor and the Tutoring & Writing Center, or even the Office of Student & Family Care.


Spring Break is a needed pause in the semester, and it requires planning and responsibility to ensure students’ safety.

Fox Day is an annual tradition established by President Hugh McKean in 1956. Each spring, on a day deemed “too pretty to have class,” the president cancels all classes, providing students with a surprise day off!



Many students find that housing registration can be both a stressful and exciting time because they choose who they will live with and where they will live. Students who currently live on campus are able to select their housing for the following academic year by participating in housing selection in late March and early April. Students receive housing sign up information through their Rollins email.

At Rollins, housing selection order and times are calculated by the student’s GPA and credit hours completed. Being flexible during this process is key. For more information, visit the Office of Residential Life & Explorations.


Remind your students about utilizing the Tutoring & Writing Center and their professors’ office hours if help is needed preparing for final exams.

After finals, Rollins residence halls close for summer months. Students should make plans in advance for moving and for storage needs for the summer.



Before you know it, it will be time for commencement. For families of graduating seniors, visit the Rollins Commencement website for important planning information about this momentous day! Graduating seniors receive emails regarding graduation requirements. Connecting with their faculty advisor, and the Office of the Registrar regarding their graduation status is vital.