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Anchor Guide: January-February

January provides an opportunity for students to review academic strengths, assess academic progress, and plan for the spring semester ahead. Students who are engaged in deep experiences like internships, study abroad, and student organizations that give them a strong connection to their passion are more likely to thrive in college and beyond.

If needed, the add/drop period for the semester is held during the first week of classes.

 See below for important information and helpful resources for the spring semester.


During the spring semester, check in with your student about their spring academic progress. Have they received an academic warning? There is still time to connect with an advisor or meet with a tutor in the Tutoring & Writing Center.

If your student is interested in external competitive scholarships and fellowships, such as Fulbright, Goldwater, or Boren awards and scholarships, make sure they meet with the External & Competitive Scholarships office for information and deadlines.

During the spring semester, students also receive information about the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship program, which offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly research and scholarship.

The Center for Leadership & Community Engagement at Rollins offers weekend and sometimes weeklong Immersion experiences throughout the academic year where students become involved in civic and community engagement projects focused on cultural, social, political and structural issues. Immersions run throughout  the  fall  and  spring  and are comprised of educational experiences, reflection and community action in Florida and beyond. Students receive emails about Immersion experiences offered each semester along with information on how to apply to participate.

The Rollins Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) experience is intentionally designed to support student engagement around the Rollins mission. The experience is a fantastic way to make new friends and join a vibrant community, but it is also so much more! Rollins FSL strives to create time and space for students to develop as responsible leaders, commit to citizenship, and engage a global perspective. Fraternity & Sorority Life recruitment is held at the start of the spring semester at Rollins. Students receive information about recruitment information and deadlines in their campus email.

If your student has not yet, they should connected with faculty advisors and the Center for Career & Life Planning. The Center for Career and Life Planning offers a multitude of resources and services to help students explore majors, careers, academic internships, on-campus jobs, and more. 

Has your student become involved with any diversity and inclusion, leadership, service, student organizations or is considering a peer educator opportunity? The Center for Inclusion & Campus Involvement offers hundreds of engagement opportunities. Students can visit to learn more about active student organizations and ways they can get engaged in with campus life.

Has your student taken a class or had other experiences that sparked or deepened a desire to advocate for social or environmental challenges? The Social Impact Hub is a unique co-curricular space on campus where students can focus on approaching societal inequities and environmental challenges with innovation to develop creative and sustainable solutions. Whether they are passionate about bringing societal change to the environment, poverty, education, immigration, healthcare, human rights, or any large-scale challenge, the Social Impact Hub believes true solutions must begin with a deep understanding of the issue.