Department of Music


The Department of Music at Rollins offers competitive scholarships on a talent basis.

Opportunity Abounds

Music students at Rollins have access to two dozen endowed scholarships.

Current Endowed Scholarships

Nelson Music Endowment
Alphonse and Katherine Carlo Scholarship (strings and piano)
John Carter Scholarship
Walter Chambury Scholarship (piano)
Eaton Music Scholarship
Charlotte Gero Scholarship
Hufstader Scholarship
Arthur K. Hutchins Scholarship
McCullough Scholarship
Nichols Music Scholarship
L.C. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Albert Pick, Jr. Scholarship
Bill Muncey Memorial Scholarship
Ross Rosazza Scholarship (voice)
G.T. Willey Scholarship
Virginia Quantrell Scholarship
F. Duffy Music Scholarship
Kelly Music Scholarship
McFeely-Rogers Scholarship
John Reardon Scholarship (voice)
Germaine Haserot Scholarship (voice)
Patricia Candee Scholarship
Sally Albrecht Scholarship
Amparito Smith Scholarship

How to Apply

Scholarship consideration is part of the audition process.

Audition Request Form