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Russian Studies Program

The Russian Studies Program at Rollins College offers a variety of courses leading to a minor degree in Russian studies.

The Russian Studies Program at Rollins College, in the tradition of the best liberal arts colleges, offers the students an opportunity to discover the great achievements and accomplishments of the Russian people, to expand their intellectual and intercultural horizons, and to enter, well-prepared, the global society of the twenty-first century.

To obtain a minor in Russian studies, students need to complete six courses above 100 level: at least two of those courses must be in Russian language (RSN 201 and 202) and the others may be selected from the available courses in Russian art, culture, literature, history, and folklore, taught in English.

Some Russian Studies Program courses in English can be used as electives for the International Relations, European Studies, Art History, and English majors. They are also designated as fulfilling such General Education Requirements as C (knowledge of other cultures), V (decision making and valuation), L (knowledge of literature), and A (knowledge of expressive arts).

Russian Studies Courses & Requirements
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