Liberal Studies Careers

Teachers and professors. Lawyers and lawmakers. Communicators and marketers. Social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Leveraging the interpretive, analytical, and communication skills gained in Rollins’ Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program, our grads pursue a range of careers across diverse industries and are prepared to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

MLS students learn to see patterns and communicate creative insights as they gain the perspective of thousands of years of wisdom and apply it to contemporary issues. Regardless of professional direction, the program invigorates the commitment to curiosity that’s necessary for a life well lived.

Where Our Grads Go

See where a Master of Liberal Studies degree can take you by exploring the careers of these Rollins MLS graduates.

  • Samir Gupte, a Rollins Master of Liberal Studies graduate and President of the ACLU of Florida.

    Samir Gupte ’11MLS

    ACLU of Florida

  • Laura Cole who received a Master of Liberal Studies for Rollins in 2008.

    Laura Cole ’04 ’08MLS

    Laura Cole Content Consulting

  • Self portrait of Earl Mowatt

    Earl Mowatt ’07MLS

    Vice President, Education

    onePULSE Foundation

  • Mary Choi Robinson, Master of Liberal Studies graduate and Assistant Director of International Programs at Rollins.

    Mary Choi Robinson ’12MLS

    Assist. Director, International Programs

    Rollins College

  • David Jones, Master of Liberal Studies graduate and Manager of Environmental Protection at Orange County Government.

    David Jones ’18MLS

    Manager of Environmental Protection
    Orange County Government

  • A portrait of Liefke Meyers

    Liefke Meyers ’06 ’14MLS

    Vice President of Development, Foundation Academy

Mehdi Taifi, Rollins Master of Liberal Studies graduate and Senior Manager at Robinhood.

"My time in the MLS program trained me to be resilient in the changing tides of the business world. Philosophy? Religion? You think, ‘How do those classes help in business?’ It isn’t just the content. The way the classes were taught helped me understand the world better. I wouldn't be where I am without that.”

Mehdi Taifi ’07 ’10MLS

Clearing Operations Senior Manager

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