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Office of Marketing

New College of Liberal Arts Website Launch

On June 1, the Office of Marketing launched a new College of Liberal Arts website aimed at serving prospective students and their parents and families.

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Review the updates we’ve made to and get a primer on how you can easily navigate to your favorite pages moving forward.

What is changing?

The new College of Liberal Arts website has reorganized some of the externally facing marketing content on in order to better communicate with and engage prospective students and their families.

This change will not impact any of the College’s academic department, administrative, or arts and culture websites. Nor will it impact the faculty & staff and current student directory pages that so many of you use to navigate the website.

You will, however, notice a change to the homepage as we streamline this page’s navigation in order to help prospective students navigate more easily to the Rollins school that best serves their needs. The homepage’s header navigation has been moved into the hamburger menu on the right side of the page. Here you will find easy access to the faculty & staff and current student directory pages as well as links to Olin Library, FoxLink, and more.

Why launch a new College of Liberal Arts website?

College websites are the No. 1 most influential information resource for prospective students. However, with its prior configuration, didn’t offer the College’s largest audience—prospective College of Liberal Arts students—a dedicated experience designed specifically to meet their needs. By creating a dedicated College of Liberal Arts website, we are better equipped to communicate with and engage this critical audience.

How do I bookmark my favorite pages?

Do you access the same pages on over and over again? You should consider adding a bookmark to these pages in your web browser. Bookmarks allow you to organize and access the pages and websites you use most frequently. We’ve put together some simple guides that will walk you through how to set up bookmarks on today’s most popular browsers.

How can I get help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please open up a Help Desk ticket. Thank you for your patience as we implement these important updates to