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Office of Marketing

Cascade Policies & Procedures

Cascade is the content management system (CMS) that is used to create and publish web pages. The Rollins College home page and all departmental web pages reside on the Cascade server. You will need access to Cascade if you are updating or designing web pages for your department.

Once you are approved, you can access Cascade through OktaFor additional help, click here.


At this time, permanent employees only are being granted Cascade access. If you are a student or temporary employee, please submit a Website Updates ticket with any maintenance requests.

Request access to Cascade CMS

**Be aware with the recent multi-factor authentication update logging into Cascade is now a 3-step process:

  1. Go to the Cascade website or click on the Cascade tile in Okta.
    Log in with your full Rollins email address, in lowercase, and your Rollins password.
  2. Complete the MFA verification step, as you set up previously. This could be a text or push to your phone. You will need to complete this step or Cascade will timeout and give you a "Login Failed" message.

If you need assistance with VPN or MFA please contact the IT help desk.

Report an issue or problem with a Rollins College webpage, including broken links, etc. through this form:

Report A Website Issue

The Office of Marketing has created policies on how to handle redirects and 404s for properties.

Redirects & 404 Policies

The Office of Marketing asks all College content managers to follow the policy below on how best to handle documents on

Website Document Policy

Image Sizes & Details

All images must be under 300KB to upload to Cascade.

Image Slider Images: 591px x 394px, 72 res with a file extension of .jpg or .png.
Faculty/Staff Listings: 160px x 240px, 72 reswith a file extension of .jpg or .png.

**You must include a file extension before uploading an image to Cascade.

The below document has additional best practices for your reference, including recommended naming conventions, folder management, and SharePoint document management details.

Cascade Best Practices

Please follow our policy on managing documents in Cascade.

All documents that need to be added to the website should be assessed if they must be a document or can be created as a native webpage. The Office of Marketing advises to only link a PDF is absolutely necessary, as viewing a PDF on a mobile device is not accessible or user-friendly.

For step-by-step directions on how to manage your documents, see the information at this link under "Document Management".

To request a SharePoint folder for your web documents, create a ticket with Marketing here.

If you've uploaded a file or image to Cascade, and after publishing it does appear or link correctly, double-check that the file has an extension (.pdf, .jpg, .png, etc.)

Additional directions can be found here.

If you currently have access to Cascade and are looking for support on how to perform your update on your own, please refer to our Canvas resources. If you need access to Canvas, please submit a ticket.

Routine downtimes are scheduled Sunday mornings to offer time for our team to test the site and create the least interruption to campus activities.

These downtimes are related to maintenance upgrades and/ or system problem solving as needed.

Other downtimes are due to unforeseen circumstances and rest assured we will be working quickly to get the website up and running during these times.