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The Center for Management and Executive Education at Rollins College is dedicated to providing professional development certificate programs that will help you to move ahead with your career.

Employers will recognize you as someone who is taking charge of their future by continuing to learn and grow. Colleagues will also see you as a go-to person on situations that need an advanced level of knowledge and understanding.

Become a Sustainable Leader

Our professional development programs will help you gain the skills that leaders need to be effective in today’s complex and ever-changing workplace. Each day brings new challenges. Being prepared can only work to your advantage. Consider these core competencies:

Communication Skills

Are you a strong communicator? Could you use some help in learning how to listen more effectively or write more impactful materials? Maybe you wish you were better in managing conflict? Whatever your communication training needs, the Center for Management and Education has you covered with a excellent selection of workshops and special events.

Strategic Thinking

Strategy is what wins the game, every time. Knowing how to think strategically and execute accordingly can elevate your performance leaps and bounds above your peers. Learning how to be more strategic in your daily work can also smooth the path forward as you realize how to plan for different scenarios and navigate change without losing sight of your goals.

Financial Understanding

Depending on your role, you may have a need to build your financial acumen, learn how to be a strong negotiator, or deliver on profits through successful sales performance. You don’t have to work in finance or accounting to benefit from understanding and learning in this area. There comes a point where all managers and executives have financial responsibility of some kind.

Leadership Abilities

What does it mean to be a leader today? Do you know how build strong teams that can weather changes to the business? Is there a part of you that wishes you knew how to connect better with your people without compromising your authority? If the answer is “yes,” look to Rollins College for professional development programs that can reinforce your ability to lead and grow successful teams. 

Professional Development


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Professional Development
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