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Custom Programs

Management and Executive Education Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs

Today’s business environment requires the agility to adapt to new challenges and opportunities as they arise. The skills you have right now might not be adequate to meet the changing demands of an emerging scenario – be it automation, globalization, or company reorganization. That’s precisely why the Center for Management & Executive Education at Rollins College offers customized learning programs for you and your teams.

Our professional development programs will help you gain the skills that leaders need to be effective in today's complex and ever-changing workplace. Each day brings new challenges and being prepared can only work to your advantage.

New Challenges, New Opportunities

Your need for custom programming may be in response to changes in the marketplace, evolving industry trends, or an unforeseen competitive challenge. Regardless of the catalyst, we are here to design custom executive and management courses that can ultimately add value throughout your organization. We do this by:

  • Determining the economic value, service value, and personal value you seek to gain from the programming.
  • Identifying specific learning outcomes for participating employees.
  • Selecting topics that will deliver on these expected outcomes.
  • Connecting topical information with real-world situations in your business arena.
  • Developing strategies to support continued learning when the course is complete.

Engaging and Actionable Subject Matter

The Center for Management & Executive Education at Rollins College approaches each client request for custom programming individually, considering the unique needs of the client organization and the participant group. Specialized topics might include:

  • Building high-performing management teams.
  • Strengthening client and customer relationships.
  • Designing and deploying efficient and effective operating systems.
  • Innovating market-leading products and services.
  • Producing strategies that align to your core business processes.
  • Creating values for your organization and each other.
  • Learning how to listen more effectively or write more impactful materials.
  • Reinforcing leadership abilities to grow successful teams.
  • Strengthening financial acumen.

Expert Facilitators

Rollins College has access to an extensive network of faculty members and consultants, ensuring that your custom programming will be delivered by true subject matter experts.

Your program facilitator will work closely with you to determine how to customize learning materials and classroom exercises to reflect your company’s mission, vision and values. Courses can also be tweaked once the sessions are in progress to address emerging issues and changing priorities.

Personalized course content, combined with classroom interaction between company leaders and program instructors, provides an ideal scenario for individual development and awareness.

Executive Leadership Coaching Program

We realize that even the most seasoned executive can benefit from personalized, one-on-one coaching. Collaborating with someone who has traveled a similar career path can help you reach goals you have for your professional and personal life. The coaching engagement consists of six one-hour sessions over a course of six months, with ongoing communication between you and your coach between meetings. The results can be insightful for you, as well as your organization.

Custom Programs


Training created specifically for your corporation needs.

What Can You Expect?

We approach each client request for custom programming individually.

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