Letters to the Editor

Just a friendly few sentences to correct a minor error in a terrific publication. The Fall 2010 issue cites Rex Beach Hall as a 73-year-old structure...not so.

Rex Beach Hall is the former fraternity building, then called the Kappa Alpha Mansion, that housed its first students, myself among them, in the fall semester of 1957 following its construction. The building was erected after the fraternity agreed to pass its ownership of an older adjoining structure and property to Rollins in exchange for the right to house its membership in the new one that was built for its use.

Jeannette Morse Genius McKean (Mrs. Hugh McKean) specified the decoration of the main public room —then without the academic office unfortunately now occupying a portion of that space —and saw to the installation of some quite beautiful Spanish-style furniture and accessories including some impressive candelabra. The scale of the space and its design, with the fireplace located away from the walls and centered on its long axis and with impressive granite hearths, is a central feature that made for a very handsome room. A public space located adjacent to it and the dormitory was designed to be the private meeting place for the fraternity members. Some landscaping was installed then with azaleas that came up against the outdoor patio wall. We had a large raft constructed by the fraternity members anchored in the lake bay that was used for a swimming platform and a getaway.

Some of us would take a Rollins canoe to the Morse orange groves and Peacock collection, then located across Lake Virginia, and fill up with oranges, grapefruits, kumquat, and other citrus and return to the “KA Landing” to unload. The Dinky Line still ran then, although not often. In (I think) 1956 a film, “End as a Man” starring Ben Gazzara, was partially made on the Rollins Campus and used the moving Dink and a few Rollins students in one of its final scenes.

Bob Schermer ‘59

Editor’s Note: We apologize for the typographical error in the last issue. Bob is correct: Rex Beach Hall was indeed built in 1957, making it 53 years old at the time of publication of the Fall 2010 issue.

Men's Soccer

I just wanted to send along a short note to tell you how wonderful the Fall 2010 issue of Rollins Magazine was to an old Tar. To see the great photographs and heartfelt stories about our great college is special to me. Thanks for all of your very dedicated and professional work on this publication; it shows!

The soccer photo on page 45 brought back a lot of memories. I believe that the photo was taken in the fall of 1973. It includes Todd Marsh, Jeff Fischer, Ennis Berker, Bob Birdsong, and John Shapiro, all of whom graduated in the spring of 1974. I am sitting next to our trainer, Buster Steimauer.

Rollins Magazine rates an A+ in my book.

Bill Hudgins ’75

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