Class News - Weddings

Edited by Amanda D'Assaro

’79 Geoff Spencer to Poppy Terris ’78, 2/19/11, in Sarasota, FL; attendees: Christy Cave ’81 ’82MAT and Steve ’82 Karwatt, Bonne Brooks Gurzenda ’80, Micki Banks Jones ’78HH, Chris Mueller, Leslie Lloyd Renz ’80, Sharon Goff Lucas ’81, and Tracy Pickett McCalmont.

’92 Patrice Garnes to Darnell Curtis, 8/19/07, in Chesapeake Beach, MD.

’96 JoAnna Boylan to Frank Castellano, 7/31/10, in Galloway Township, NJ; attendees: Isabel Kalpakian, Luis Hernandez ’97, Michael Stiskin ’97, Hope Stein ’99, and Sharon Stokely Mudd ’98. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii and resides in New Jersey.

’98 Michelle Marino to Austin Drill ’99, 8/14/10, in East Hampton, NY; attendees: Keri Dubin Moody, Katherine DeGeurin Houston, Jessica Butzin O’Reilly, Meghan Thibodeau-O’Grady, Perrin Berkey Martin, Catherine Allibone-Brown, Melissa Roth ’00, Touré Folkes ’99, Amy Archambault Dorrian, Ian Perry ’99, and Katherine Phillips ’87HH. The couple resides in San Juan del Sur, Nicaraqua.

’01 Sarah Benson to Nelson Heinrichs, 6/18/10, at The Caneros Inn in Napa, CA, with a reception in Columbus, OH; reception attendees: Lauren Christie ’04, Elizabeth Dapper, Blakely Reuben ’00, and Christopher Wilson ’00.

Ashley Gasi to David Kennedy, 10/23/10, in Pensacola Beach, FL.

’03 Amanda Blyth to Andrew Duitsman, 7/27/10, at the Rose Garden in Winter Park’s Central Park.

’04 Elisabeth O’Mara to J. Christopher Walsh, 9/18/10, in Nantucket, MA; maid of honor: Shevaun O’Mara ’07; bridesmaid: Katie Fried ’07MED; attendees: Elizabeth Spring ’05, Claire Holland ’05, Cordelia Wascher ’06, Henry Fasoldt ’02, Tom Concannon ’05, Emily Grogan ’07, Meredith Bichsel ’07, Emer D’Alton ’07, and deLancey Moser ’07.

’09 Hannah White to Taylor Fry, 11/7/10, beside Cascade Lake on Orcas Island, WA.