Linda Buck Meyer

Linda (second from left) and Larry Buck Meyer, along with son Travis (far left), celebrate the wedding of their daughter, Elizabeth, to Ryan Kirkpatrick.

A Gift of Historic Proportions

By Meredith Vance

A birthday present in honor of Linda Buck Meyer ’69 will ensure an enriching education for the next generation of Rollins students.

There are many ways to celebrate a spouse’s birthday—throw a surprise party, splurge on jewelry, take a trip to an exotic locale. Larry Meyer opted for something less traditional.

For his wife’s birthday, Meyer established The Linda Elizabeth Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will provide tuition support for English and history majors for years to come.

Why Rollins?

For Linda Buck Meyer ’69, Rollins offered a transformational education that laid the foundation for the rest of her life.

“I received a very literate education. I had expansive reading and writing opportunities, and I think that small classes encouraged those possibilities and reinforced my love of reading,” said Linda. “Happily, I had that liberal arts background before entering law school, a more focused and technical pursuit.”

Beginning her student-life at Rollins in the midst of significant changes and the social unrest of the sixties, Linda studied history and discovered a thriving academic community and a social niche on campus among the Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters. “Rollins was a good place for me,” said Linda. “I could excel academically while enjoying a college experience. It was small enough not to be intimidating, but it was also large enough so that one could bounce ideas off different types of people.”

After Rollins, Linda went on to graduate from The University of Texas School of Law, and then practiced law with the federal government and a private law firm in Washington, D.C., where she met Larry. Continuing to apply her skills of reasoned analysis and critical thinking, she currently provides legal, financial planning, and investment advising services to women who are widowed or in the throes of divorce.

Why an endowed scholarship?

“It seemed appropriate to recognize Rollins College—an important part of her life’s development—on her birthday,” said Larry. The scholarship reflects the life and values of the person whom Larry describes as “a beautiful woman inside and out who has a positive outlook on life and a strong devotion to family and friends.”

Because of the College’s strong reputation, Rollins receives applications each year from prospective students of the highest quality.  For some of these students, however, the cost of a first-rate liberal arts education is simply out of reach. Endowed scholarships play an essential role in making a Rollins education more accessible while allowing top students, regardless of circumstances, to secure a place in an engaging but challenging academic community.

“Words can’t express what a fabulous person Linda is in all respects,” said Larry. “Her friends from Rollins would agree that she is a living testament to the positive nature of one’s experience as a student at Rollins. Her classmates and friends from Rollins—and there are several—underscore what a terrific place it was and is to go to college.”

For her part, Linda is overjoyed to know that this endowed scholarship will allow others to benefit from a Rollins education, just as she has.

To learn more about ways to advance Rollins’ mission through endowed and legacy gifts, please contact Lisa Thomson, associate vice president for development, at 407-646-2010.