Next Wave Feminism

The Movement Forges Ahead at Rollins

By Kristen Manieri

Patricia Schroeder. Photo by Jill Gable.
Patricia Schroeder

Women’s Studies at Rollins

"The Women’s Studies minor is an important contribution to the curriculum at Rollins,” said Margaret McLaren, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Philosophy, who has often acted as the program’s chair during the last two decades. “Rollins was among the first wave of institutions to have this minor, which initially focused on the omission of women from traditional curricula.”

McLaren noted that when women’s studies began, it served as a corrective to the overemphasis of men’s role in areas such as science, literature, and history. “It has also given us a place to share the story of the women’s movement.”

More than 30 courses are affiliated with the minor, which include in their curricula issues of gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality. In addition to Introduction to Women's Studies and Feminist Methodology, students in this minor can take courses in economics, such as Women & Globalization, and anthropology, such as Gender in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Having a women’s studies element in dozens of courses allows us to disperse the focus on gender and social justice issues across the entire Rollins curriculum,” McLaren said.

Next fall, Associate Professor of Philosophy and current Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program L. Ryan Musgrave will team-teach a course titled Political Philosophy: Sex/Gender and the 2012 Election with former U.S. Rep. Patricia Schroeder.

“When I found out Patricia lives locally during the 2011 forum, I wondered why Rollins had not drawn more on her rich experience,” Musgrave said. “Students themselves asked her if she was open to teaching, and she was delighted by the opportunity to build a course together. It just goes to show how speakers' events can blossom into other campus projects and greater student engagement in the broader world.”

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