Letters to the Editor

Resurrecting the Dearly Departed

I am writing to comment on the series of articles “The Ghosts of Rollins.” The series contained a very interesting set of articles, and the one about the football game unexpectedly struck me personally (The Football Game That Wasn’t). I grew up in Pittsford, New York, just outside of Rochester. My pediatrician, neighbor, and one of my father’s best friends was none other than Kenneth Woodward, otherwise known to me as “Uncle Ken.” He and “Aunt Betty” raised seven wonderful children and lived down the street from us. I was raised by a single dad, and the Woodwards were like my second family. Uncle Ken was truly a remarkable man. If he wasn't seeing patients, working to provide healthcare to low-income children, serving on boards, or teaching, he could be found on the sidelines as a team doctor at his children's sporting events or attending their concerts and other activities. He had time for everyone.

He not only had his medical degree and was on the faculty at the University of Rochester, but he went back to school to earn his MBA and became a medical officer for Xerox Corporation. His death from cancer was a tragic loss.

We always knew he faced enormous challenges (although he was not one to ever complain), but my father and I had never heard this story.

Brette Gillman P’15
Pittsburgh, PA

Dave Jacobs '66

No ghost was part of the incident at that time [when I fell from the ladder in the Annie] (The Haunting of Annie Russell, “Ghosts of Rollins,” Fall 2011). Here's what happened: I got shocked and fell 30 feet, crashing on top of chairs and assorted clutter backstage. I think Bill McNulty ’68 ran to the board and cut the power, essentially saving my life. (I never said thank you, Bill. Hope it isn’t too late.) Marie Rothchild Laux ’67, crying uncontrollably, held me down so I wouldn't move. If I had moved, I possibly would have been paralyzed. (Thank you, Marie, for what you did for me. I never forgot.)

I spent the entire Thanksgiving vacation in the hospital, returning to school just before classes started up again. In the 1964 Tomokan, I'm wearing a brace clearly outlined under the white shirt.

Dave Jacobs ’66

Millsboro, DE

A Coach for the Ages

In the Spring 2011 issue, you ran an article about the 60 years of water skiing at Rollins (“Catching Big Air for 60 Years”). As an educator and a former World Champion overall waterskier and a three time men's intercollegiate overall champion, I am upset that Bobby Davis ’82 made only a reference that a coach was with Rollins in the late ’60s. No name mentioned. This coach gave his time to the school, and the school competed with other colleges at Cypress Gardens Intercollegiate Championship. I would have thought that with such great detail to what was printed, Davis would have been able to at least identify all the coaches who have aided with the continued success of the Rollins water ski team. As this coach is now deceased, I would hope his name could in some small way be added to one of your next articles. The coach’s name is Ken Hillier of Orlando, Florida; he passed away September 11, 2010.

Roland Hillier
Orlando, FL

Editor’s note: According to the archives, Kenneth Hillier was coach from 1966-68 and 1969-70, Eugene Curtis was coach from 1968-69, and William Shetter was coach from 1971-73.

Grading Scale

The information on Fern Creek being a “D” school is not exactly correct in the article about Suzy Plott (“High Impact Learning,” Fall 2011). As a Fern Creek alum who is strongly tied to the school, I wanted you to know that their D ranking is so far back, I can’t even find the real data on it. I know that Rollins values their relationship with Fern Creek and would want their students, faculty, and staff portrayed in an accurate light.

Dawn Nagy
Winter Park, FL

Editor’s note: We apologize for the misleading information. When Suzy Plott ’09 began working with Fern Creek in 2006, the school indeed had an A ranking. The last time Fern Creek received a D ranking was in 2000; however, Rollins had begun partnering with the elementary school before that, beginning with individual faculty and student efforts in the 1990s and taking a college-wide approach under the Office of Community Engagement in 2001.

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