Then and Now

Bush Science Center

by Laura J. Cole ’04 ’08MLS

Then and now

Did You Know?

The Bush Science Center contains a piece of Apollo 8


The cornerstone protects memorabilia from the building’s original dedication in 1969, including photographs of Archibald Granville Bush and a flake of gold leaf paint from Apollo 8. Launched from Florida on December 21, 1968, Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth’s orbit, reach the moon, orbit it, and return safely to Earth.

Wernher von Braun, whose Saturn V rocket made the Apollo missions possible, was in attendance at the dedication and spoke as part of the 42nd annual Animated Magazine held two days later. “Two months ago, three astronauts rode the thrust of a Saturn V rocket from the coastline of Florida to begin the Apollo 8 mission that took them into lunar orbit and safely back to earth,” he said. “And before the end of 1969 American astronauts will set foot on the moon, achieving the national goal that was set forth by President John F. Kennedy in a message to the Congress on May 25, 1961.”

Read his entire speech, titled “Space Voyagers.”

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