In Memory

David Erdman

David Erdmann was dean of admission and enrollment at Rollins for 29 years—a nearly unheard-of stint in a field where admission deans come and go, and burnout is an occupational hazard.

Burnout was not in Dave’s lexicon; burning with passion for his work was. He loved finding the right students for Rollins, then following those students throughout their time on campus and beyond. He went to athletic practices, games, theater performances—whatever students were involved in, he followed with pride and his trademark curiosity.

David G. Erdmann died accidentally on October 7, 2013, while pursuing his passion, fly-fishing, on his favorite pond in Winter Park.

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In Memory

Ruth Hollingsworth Edwards ’33
June 24, 2012

Joyce Jungclas Attee ’48
October 13, 2012

Dennis Niel Folken ’56
May 29, 2012

David Joyner Haynes ’60
April 10, 2013

James “Jim” Wilson Brotherton ’67
February 4, 2013